Chilly rape and new videos

Nothing like having $800 crispies handed over to me between classes. Chilly’s back! My favorite little spittoon came out of the wood works to go on a spender bender. I love sinking my claws into this prey, it always turns out to be very lucrative. He started out innocently enough, sending me a modest $100 tribute because it had “been a while.” Of course I know once Chilly gets going, he cant stop. I kept prodding him for more, sending bitchy 1-2 minute spit clips to inspire him to max out his limit. It was just like old times! He was at work, sneaking off at every possible moment to see if a new vid popped up in his inbox, he’d buy it up like candy, not being able to watch a second until he got off work. Too bad sucker! Im sure he’s soaking in a puddle of his own jizz and drool by now.

Afterward I had some fun inflicting CBT on this stuttering dipshit:

Hahaha! Okay now go buy these vids.

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Tittie tease6 minutes
you turn into a blubbering idiot at the slightest hint of cleavage – this video is going to bring you to the edge! The ultimate titty tease. I show your my sexy pink bra, driving you wild with my beautiful breasts. Then I turn around, and take it off. I know what torture this is so I promise to give you a little peak, just this once.

Lick my fuck-me boots8 minutes
My sexy black boots are what foot boys like you dream about. Tight, leather, with a high spiked heel. You’d drop straight to your knees begging to worship them if I stood in front of you.. But these aren’t just any pair of dangerously sexy boots — these are my FUCK-ME boots! That’s right, the only thing I leave on when Im getting fucked by my gorgeous boyfriend, and I have the stain on them to prove it! Hahaha, a little boot licking cuck like you could only imagine. Now get to work on that stain, slave. Licky licky!

Nasal nirvana! My sweaty, stinky socks8 minutes
Hey foot bitch! Wait until you inhale these puppies. Cute little while ankle socks with a strong scent. I’ve been working out in them for the past few days, my feet have been marinating in my sneakers, just to drive your nostrils crazy. Hahaha, what the fuck is wrong with you?? Are you such a pig that you need to sniff dirty socks to get off? What a freak! I love taking advantage of weirdos like you! Im going to drive you so mad, by the time youre deep in loser-mode, Im going to make you pay pay PAY to own these socks for yourself.