Spit auction

Well, I am still around, if you can believe it. These last couple months have been a whirlwind of traveling – currently planning my next vacation to Vancouver BC for my birthday weekend. Life has been good lately – the sun is shining, losers are paying, and I am looking hotter than ever. Bitchface got a good beat down the other day, although he’s been neglecting his blog. Who can blame him though, right? He writes like a 14 year old Japanese girl who’s hot for butts. But whatever, no excuse. I think I might have to cattle prod his ass to get him back on that.

Anyway, I have enough material to totally bombard you freaks with the most massively long blog update, but, I can’t be bothered spending the rest of this glorious day updating this cheesy dominatrix blog, but I’ll give you this:

I got inspired today at the storage store when I found these 3oz airtight containers just begging to be used. By that, of course, I mean filled with spit and then auctioned off on ebanned. It’s kind of awesome how the mind of a humiliatrix works sometimes.