Jerk for me, pig
Alright you nasty -hog, time to pull down your pants and start pounding you pud. Im going to control your cock and you will do exactly as I say if you want to blow it. This isnt going to be any sweet vanilla type jerk off session – were going to reach into the deep bowels that is your perverted mind and push your revolting limits. You will be on complete pig patrol, oinking and snorting as you your own ass – screaming my sweet name and begging to squirt your snot.

JB’s exposure
My old butt slut from way back when has come slithering back into my radar. Apparently my "Gordon’s Exposure" clip excited him to the point that he could not get me out of his mind. In a moment of weakness, he sent me a revealing picture. Did you think I wasnt going to use this picture however I damn well pleased, JB? You’re lucky I cropped the head of this time, you might not be so lucky in the future. I have a lot of dirt on you, A LOT more than you even know. I hacked into your facebook account and gathered up some information to add to collection. For instance, I found out you dont really have a wife, but you do have a girlfriend – does the name Colleen sound familiar? Hahaha, oh JB. You’re not going to escape so easily this time. Take one look at this clip and you’ll be back with your face buried in my ass and wallet gaping wide for my reaching.


Religious blackmail
Freedom of religion is overrated. Who wants a choice when any superior faith would surely convert you unwillingly? One look at me and you know I am THE goddess to be worshipped, but my power frightens you. No problem, lowly one. Your life is in my hands and you don’t even know it yet. In a moment of weakness, you spill all your sensitive information, send me numerous mortifying pictures, and as the fog clears your mind out of sub space, you realize that this was more than just a fantasy. I own you now, and you will spend the rest of your life in full submission as a Cearean.

Ever wonder what it would be like to have me as your loving girlfriend? So sweet and considerate. Imagine I think I am SO lucky to have such a great boyfriend like you, especially since you fuck so well. Were going to be together forever…. Uhh, yeah, dream on. I just wanted to get you all worked up so I could tear you back down. What can I say? I’m cruel like that. You wouldn’t have me any other way.


Office Cleavage
Custom clip request: You dress very sexy at work and all the women complain about your low-cut tops and short skirts. Someone finally complains loudly enough and the decision is made to fire you. I am the big boss at the company, so I call you in to my office to give you the bad news. You are dressed professional, but very sexy, particularly with your very low-cut, cleavage revealing top. From the moment you walk in to my office, you can see that I am struggling to focus on the task at hand and instead I am very distracted by your amazing tits. You are an expert at using your body to your advantage and you allow me to enjoy the view, subtly stroking your cleavage with your sexy long nails to draw my eyes to your perfection. You see the pictures of my plain-looking, flat-chested wife and you know I am putty in your perfect hands. I’d do anything to keep looking at your breasts. In fact, you promise to highlight your cleavage every day just for me, if I agree to let you stay. Maybe you could even persuade me to give you a raise.


Which would you rather kiss: my feet or your wife’s lips?
Custom clip request: Foot fetish humiliation where you make comparison of your feet and my wife’s lips. Tell me how I would prefer to kiss them more that her lips. Your feet are so superior that you make my wife also worship your feet.


Waste eater for Princess
David Aimes is the definition of bottom feeder. This is what happens to low lifes who can’t afford my attention – they do the sickest, most deprave act imaginable and then pray that I might bless them with a reaction. Well here’s your reaction, David. You are the scum of the earth. I hope the whole world sees what a fucked up degenerate you really are.

Kiss my undie clad butt
Custom clip: I’m envisioning a 5 minute video where you talk down to me, strip down from a dress or pants (or both) to your undies and demand that I kiss your butt, sniff your butt etc The keys are using the word butt repeatedly, and only pulling the panties down at the end to moon me and demand that your bare butt be kissed. The rest of the initial video will be a POV, tease.

Sweaty armpit smother
Just finished my work out and I’m feeling sweaty and gross. What better way to make the most of this situation than by exploiting a new fetish? You little neglected arm pit pervs have been dying to burrow your way into my sweaty underarms, now here’s your opportunity! Jerk your loser stick as I smother you with my sexy smooth n stinky armpits. Every inch of me is pure perfection, now its time to worship.

Bitch Training
So – you’re ready to make the ultimate sacrifice: giving up your mouth and ass for your princess, just to see more of that green paper in my pretty hands. Well, we have a lot of work to do. Here’s a little session I like to call BITCH TRAINING. Follow my instructions and you’ll be the prettiest cock sucking whore in my stable. We’ll be losing that gag reflex and stretching out that tight virgin asshole – all the while wearing pretty pink panties so you look sexy for your new johns. Are you excited yet, faggot? You should be.