princesskaityisperfect: can we do a phone session
Ceara Lynch: no
princesskaityisperfect: how come
princesskaityisperfect: i will pay well
Ceara Lynch: because I dont feel like it.
princesskaityisperfect: 100
Ceara Lynch: no
princesskaityisperfect: 150?
Ceara Lynch: no
princesskaityisperfect: OK 200
Ceara Lynch: Dude, this isn’t a negotiation, no means no.
princesskaityisperfect: OK FUCK YOU THEN YOU DIRTY WHORE
princesskaityisperfect: HOW YOU LIKE THAT
Ceara Lynch: oh darn.

Ah yes, another day, another adventure on yim. My life rules.

Oh yeah, by the way, I did go on a bunch of trips lately. In fact, 3 cities, 3 states, 3ish weeks. Plus moments at home sandwiched between one. Fucking exhausting I tell you. And I dont have many pictures, because well, I feel like a dork carrying around my ""digi cam."" Of course most of that pride is swallowed when I become sucked into monique’s partymode camera frenzy of snapping sweet domme-shots every 3-7 seconds for about a good, say, 20 minutes solid. And to be honest…. usually by the next day I’m pretty happy she did, because its always nice to see how totally fucking sweet we looked the night before. Anyway, my point is, I have little to no pictures from vegas. Except this one: