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Spit Up
Look at you. Nothing going for you in your pathetic little life and so you developed the self loathing fetish of hot girls spitting and talking . Well this clip is right up your ally! My words are like razor blades, shredding what little sense of worth you’ve fooled yourself into having. Not to mention, lots and lots of spitting in your face. I mean, after all, what other kind of attention would you expect from someone like me? Yes, this is definitely all you deserve.

Forced Orgasm

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Jerk hounds shield your eyes. Your cock and cum is mine, which means you follow my every command. I look smoking hot in my skin tight glossy pants. My ass looks perfect, you can’t help but want to worship every inch. Even if you resisted, this clip would force the cum out of you.

Ultra Sheer Pantyhose
Leg lovers rejoice! My long sexy stems look incredible in these ultra sheer pantyhose. I know just how to tease and take advantage of every one of your weaknesses: legs, ass, heels and feet. Expertly seduced to make you my groveling little pup. Are you ready to submit to the ultimate cruel beauty? No harsh attitude here, just sexy subtle dominance. Because a boy like you is just too easy to manipulate.

Walk into my trap
Custom clip: Your tone would be soft and sultry — teasing the viewer about his addiction to clips. No anger, no harshness, just sexy sadism. You could tell him he really should stop watching — because you’re getting ready to fuck him over, really badly. You laugh at how that turns him on, and tease him about how he’s not turning it off. You say, you’re going to totally fuck up his mind (and laugh more about how that gets him more excited). “REALLY! Why don’t you stop and delete the clip before its too late?” You like that idea because you know that thinking about it will give him a hard on, and even if he did delete the clip, it would eat at his mind — and he’ll have to buy it again. You ask him, “See how you’re being fucked either way?” You laugh and wait and watch him, teasing him about making up his mind — and about his problem, i.e. his boner. You have him repeat, and repeat again "I can’t resist my clip addition". Then: "Please, Ceara, fuck me up." You laugh — have him say "Please, Ceara, fuck me up really badly." You make him beg you. You giggle about how the more you say, the more you control him- your words are better than ropes. You know he’d enjoy being fucked over at one of your parties. If you tied him for use by guests, you’d you plastic police cuffs that can be tightened so much they’d cut into his skin. You’d like to have him tied with those cuffs to a hard wooden chair, feeling the pain in his wrists and ankles. You’d sit on his lap, face to face (you now move closer to the camera) and light a cigarette. You have him look at the cigarette in your hand, as you smoke and blow smoke in his face. You move the cigarette close to his eyes, the smoke burning them. You talk about putting it out on his forehead, after making a burn on each cheek… or maybe put it out lower – ask him to beg for it on his cock. Ask him to get ready, tease him more, then put it out just below the screen — let him then see maybe 30 seconds of your laughing and enjoying his humiliation.

High school nostolgia
Little known fact: Lyne and I went to high school together. As you could imagine, we were the most popular and meanest girls on campus. Here we reminisce about old times – when we were too young and naive to realize we could be torturing losers for profit. One melvin in particular stands out to us the most. The weirdo that wanted so badly to hang out with us and be our friend. Followed us around everywhere, basically stalking us, and all the cruel things we did to punish him for being a freak of nature. For example: making him drink toilet water and blackmailing him for it. It’s amazing that even worked, what did this guy have to lose in the first place? Certainly not the respect of everyone else.