So, I did something I had never done before the other day: I gave someone 10 free minutes of cam. Fucking nuts right? If you would have told me 20 minutes before the fact that the guy on skype who barely spoke English and was trying to hustle me out of a free 5 seconds cam peak would have me endearing him within minutes I would have deemd you preposterous. Anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes trying to talk to me with out paying knows I have no patience online. When it comes to language barriers I know I should be more understanding, but I’m not, and tend to treat foreigners the same way I treat those who don’t have the same excuse (you know, stupid people.)

He eventually did throw down $100 for a small penis humiliation cam show. Not surprisingly, his spoken English was even worse than his writing, but he certainly wasn’t shy. He jumped up and down enthusiastically, vigorously shaking his tiny cock at me and making talk like a puppet in his goofy arab accent,

“Hallloooo!! Halllooo Ceara! I am sooo small! Halllo!!”

His face was animated as he wiggled his pinky at me and scrunched his nose in disgust, then laughed at himself. I’m pretty sure all that is suppose to be my job, but didn’t mind. It was the first time in a long while that a guy legitimately amused me on cam.

“Yoo ah sooo bootiful! muah! I geev yoo much monay.”

He paid another $100, which bought him 20 more minutes, but within the first 5 his bright jovial face fell into that concentrated look as he squirted a surprisingly large load of his his 3 inch mound. He mentioned he liked CEI at one point, so I told him to clean it up with his tongue. He nodded at me like he understood but obviously didnt, so I repeated, “EAT..YOUR…CUM..” in that very slow and deliberate way people speak when they’re talking to a foreigner.

“I kahnt. Eet eez…how yoo say?… Deeskustink?”


“Yes. Deeskustink.”

“When you’re excited you want to, but when you cum you dont?”


“That’s typical”

He let out a big sigh and kinda stared at the ground for a while. His demeanor completely transformed from bouncing jester to sad clown painting.

“Are you sad?”


“You look sad.”

“Yes. I alwayz. Ahfter.”

“Are you going to cry?”


“Are you going to CRY? Wah wah.” (I make a crying face.)

“Yes. Wah wah. ha ha. No. I not aye GHURL.”

“You look like one”

“Ha ha ha.”

We talked for a bit about where we were from. He said he lived in Abu Dhabi but was in Paris for 6 months. He probably explained why but I could barely understand half of what he was saying. I asked him if he was Muslim. He said he was, but not a very good one right now, he would have to make up for it later.

Then he told me I should visit Dubai because everyone there is so nice.


“Yes. Yoo do dees (he gives me the finger) yoo goto jail fo aye month.”

“Thats not nice”

“Ha ha ha.”

I asked him if I’d have to wear a veil over my hair if I visited, but he interpreted it as me asking about his turban and ran off to go put on and show me. He plopped it loosely on his head and smiled for first time since he blew his load. I smiled back.

He got excited that I seemed to take some interest in him and started searching his computer for a picture to show me. I realized at this point we were well passed the 20 minutes he paid for, but I didn’t mind. It felt like those rare connections you make with locals when you’re traveling abroad that largely define your trip (minus the tiny dick and balls.)

“Doo yoo tink aye am aye looser?” he asked as he looked for his picture.

I paused for a second to think of how to phrase my response so he’d understand. In retrospect, a simple “no” probably would have been suffice.

“When you’re hard, yes. Right now, no.”

He nodded in a way that probably meant he didn’t really understand and continued searching. He then sent me this:

[Image of him in front of Burj Tower removed by request]

“dis iz Burj towah. Doo yoo no?”

I told him yes, that I had been there and knew it very well. He seemed surprised, so I showed him a picture to prove it:


He fell over giggling.

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  1. Cei 4me

    Nice post, well at times then sad at others. I only have comment on CEI. I love Cum Eating Instructions. I’ve worked up to pumping my load in my hand, in a shot glass then cleaning up…even after I’m limp. I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who enjoys giving CEI. We have a game…I spray my load on her pic (cum tribute), lick it up..then dribble some back on her pic. Along the way I take pictures then send her this combo of tributes & cei. What a disgusting kink I have…but once I start going over the edge – I crave licking up my cum to the beauty of woman.

        1. Anodyne

          (And subjective.) But really, speaking as your slutty whore who’s serviced strange dick for your amusement at the local glory hole palace, who am I to judge?

        1. Alex

          Why would anyone assume you are not a considerate kind person just because you are a domme-and such a talented one? Unless a domme blackmails someone in a non-consensual manner, how could you reach such a conclusion. I have never assumed you did not have a good heart, and I am sure most others who have followed you would feel likewise

        2. marcos

          Glad to hear it. Actually I thought you were pretty decent to Mohammed and he seemed like a reasonably nice guy, at least no worse than the rest of us. Quite refreshing and a little unusual to read of a cam session that doesn’t just degenerate into insults and I guess you must have felt so too otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it. Or am I wrong.. girl, I’ve never met.

  2. Alex

    Dennis Rodman in North Korea…Ceara Lynch in the middle east….I’ll put my money on you…thanks for posting….you (and Princess Rene) continue tops in my book…take care.

  3. goldenlion500

    WOW!!!! that is some funny shit…..LOL….and he actually paid you for that ???



  4. tayeb

    Ceara Lynch is very beautiful, every time i spoil her because she deserve. Her ass is perfect i cant resist ! next time i promess i will cum on all my face and i will lick it, i will give her 300$ or more ! My maggot Dick cant resist lol

  5. Anon

    This is a gorgeous.
    I like hearing something about the real woman behind the fantasy and this is a touching account of what sounds like a real human connection, momentary as it may have been.
    I have no doubt Tayeb came away feeling he’d gotten to see a little more of the real Ceara too.
    Real nice.

  6. Anon

    I was reading the below article today and couldn’t help but remember Tayeb’s assertion that, in Dubai, everyone is “so nice.”
    And the piece is almost four years old, I don’t imagine things are any better.
    I may have to take it off my to-do list

  7. Mistress HEELena

    “everyone is so nice in Dubai” – clearly the women are too nice to the men over there and treat them like Masters. No wonder he need a diversion of this kind. Hats off to him, as the majority wouldn’t be too proud to do so.

  8. david cameron

    Is this the blog you said you’d devote more time to? Give there has been no new post in over a month I’d say your pretty shit with your resolutions. I like your boobs though.

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