Momma Lynch

Let’s all give a round of applause to this guy who came up with the most horrifying idea ever to grace my inbox:


I’m always impressed by a perverse mind that can provoke me to make a facial expression that looks like I just saw my dad blowing an elephant. Funny how quickly the shock wears off and I begin to think about how I can capitalize on it. In VIDEO form, of course. Having a baby is not something that appeals to me at this stage in my life. Having a baby with a “random slave” is enough to make me vomit out my ears. Besides, in a very real way, I already have a few babies:

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 1.41.40 PM

Baby Katy-steph. I don’t really see this one too often. I’m also not too impressed with his commitment to babyhood. Every time I’ve watched him on cam (aka the baby monitor) he’s usually just wearing a bib and a pacifier. So half assed. I can always count on him to crawl out of the woodworks whenever I make an adult-baby clip. Which isn’t too often.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 1.39.55 PM

Baby Nate, I’ve known this baby for years! Since I started playing bitch on the internet, really. I just talked to him the other day for the first time in a while. The only thing that’s changed with him is his diapers (zing!) Still a scrawny loser sissy who showers me with fan-girl like praise and compliments.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 1.42.09 PM

Baby diaper boy! This baby doesn’t fuck around when it comes to infancy. He’s got a fully decked out nursery complete with crib, mobile, stuffed animals, plastic sheets, and a closet full of diapers, bibs and bonnets. He regularly pays for 1 hour+ of baby monitoring at a time as he jerks his unusually large cock with baby oil while making weird gurgling noises. Best baby ever!

8 thoughts on “Momma Lynch

  1. goldenlion500




  2. Tim

    Lol, and you said my video ideas are dumb. After reading these I somehow feel a lot more normal.

  3. Jonathan San Agustin

    Like how do you hide all that shit when guest guest come over ! Lol the dude is passionate though… Good post Ceara

  4. Charlie

    Hi I’m the guy who talked to you about ethics of financial domination last month, and if you wanna take this sick fuck for all he’s worth, go for it.
    I mean, goddamn, what kinda freak is so obsessed with getting off that he wants you to get actually pregnant and bring a child into this world just to fulfill his idiotic fetish.
    The shit you deal with. Christ.

  5. harold

    make him pay child support for your baby nate,make it legal document for him to sign and get him used to it so when you have a real baby with your real man he will be ready to pay for diapers and formula and pay for the baby room

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