Sad Men Masturbating

I’ve been in a particularly greedy mood lately. September was easily my most lucrative month ever and I intend to beat that record again this month. One area of frequent neglect when it comes to the multiple ways I financially exploit men on the internet is my niteflirt phone lines. I have to be in the right mood to talk to people and that mood is almost never. However, I find it’s one of those things that when I force myself to just do it I often times end up enjoying the perverse conversations that come up, they fuel ideas for future videos, and of course Im richer because of it.

on phone

This new guy “Steve” has been calling me a lot lately. He’s so fucking boring.  He thinks he’s better than most customers because he just lets me “be myself” and not roleplay. Except that “being myself” means being my lynchy-bitchy self, which is its own role-play. What he’s REALLY into is as followed; 1. Showering me with compliments about how sexy and amazing I am 2. Talking about how he wants to bow to my feet 3. Fantasizing about me snapping my fingers and barking orders at him 4. Having me laugh in his face.

He will literally only talk about these 4 things, repeatedly. When I told him he bored me he said I didn’t have to talk to him, so I took him up on that offer and kept him on hold for great lengths of time while I surfed twitter. It was like my ignore line only more expensive, so I guess he’s not so bad.

Today he called me right as this Israeli guy bought a humiliation cam show. I had him listen in as I had this guy stick a vuvuzela up his ass, pulled it out covered in shit, and then sucked it clean. Then I had him jerk off onto his hand and lick that up to. Poor Steve was horrified. I could sense a slight air of superiority when told me how gross he thought it was. “Even you said it was gross!” he said in desperate hope that I was on his “side.” Indeed I did, and it was, but hey at least he was entertaining.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 7.21.37 PM

A couple hours later the Israeli guy threw another $100 my way simply because he was in a “weird drunk-sad mood” and wanted to put a smile on my face. Mission accomplished.

Speaking of weird & sad moods, I had another cam show with a guy who simply wanted to jerk off to my ass & legs. He whispered quietly because his wife was in the other room. He had the most tragic look on his face the whole time he stroked and at one point begged me to just block him (love that.) He blew his load within 5 of the 10 minutes he paid for and then had the most defeated and depressed look on his face. I told him maybe he’d feel better if he ate his cum, but I think that just bummed him out more. Go figure.

Yonatan aka pin dick is still around. In case you missed it on twitter, he sent me the greatest image of all time:


That’s his wedding ring up his ass. Fucking perfect, eh?

Yonatan is constantly comparing his marriage to his obsession with me and loves putting himself in risky situations where he almost gets caught. Half of the time when he cams with me his wife is sleeping next to him. One time she was wide awake watching a movie, thinking he was just on his phone as I encouraged him to pull his cock out and show it to me. Usually these sessions result in him rushing to the bathroom, sitting his knees on the hard linoleum and begging me to show him his ass for a few seconds. After he cums he swears me off forever and then a few hours later crawling back for more whilst asking me advice on how to quit me.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 11.16.21 PM

Ah, men.

11 thoughts on “Sad Men Masturbating

  1. womenrule

    Amazing blog Princess. Having “steve” listen in on that cam show was very cool indeed. And yonatan is the best. he has only quit like 50 times so far. lol

  2. lawdude

    Just when I think I’m a little depraved for getting off to a sexy, manipulative, seductive princess, I find this entry oddly therapeutic. For that, I thank you Princess!

  3. harold

    you are the ultimate mastermind and genius miss lynch and by far a superior business women,you are a money making machine and an endless supply of losers to fuel it

  4. Anodyne

    I’m not surprised that September/October are good months for you – male testosterone levels are highest in autumn, according to recent research. (Which is not to suggest in any way that you need the assist; I’m just sayin’.)

    It’s amazing what guys offer to do for your amusement. Thank god *I* never stoop that low.

  5. goldenlion500

    What a bunch sick loser fuckers…..Stop encouraging them…OMG!!! you need to be fuck hard in your asshole…Damn i wanna cum on your face…



  6. buttxhugger

    my personal obsession has been Your chocolate starfish. My ultimate fantasy now would be to have You insert my wedding band in Your starfish, and then have to lick it, but leave it sufficiently scented so that it remains a constant reminder of my perversion and Your dominance. (jb)

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  8. buttxhugger

    finally joined Your website – i wish to complain – my dick is rubbed raw and i still have 15 days left in my membership. Can it be extended until my cock heals up?

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