Messy Sissy

Last week I posted a video called “Messy Sissy.” It was a custom (like most of my videos) from a guy who liked to dress up in little girl’s pageant style dresses and be told to suck cock. All that is sadly rather normal in Lynch-world, but he threw me for a curve ball when he told me he has a “messy” fetish as well (a fetish in which one gets aroused by covering themselves with some kind of wet and messy substance; whip cream, mud, cum, etc.) It’d be the first time I ever touched on that fetish and at first I didn’t know how to fit it in. Then it occurred to me that a few custard pies would be great training tools for the copious amounts of cum that would be drenching his homely face and frilly dress after I get through with him. I’m pretty pleased with the out come. These dresses don’t come cheap and I made sure the specify that he wear his best, most expensive one when carrying the assignment out. I can’t tell you how much joy my sadistic heart gets out of the thought of a grown man covered in custard and whip cream, crying over the fact that he just ruined his favorite princess dress just so he can get used to what it will be like to get pimped out by a girl have his age. I love my life.


Think you can top this picture? Buy the clip and show me what you got:

messysissyMessy Sissy –

Shortly after posting this video, I received this tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 8.49.50 AM

It’s true, my salivating skills are pretty fantastic. Im always getting props from my domme friends. It wasn’t until Mistress T filmed one of my spit-centric clips that she found out what my trick is, which shouldn’t be any big secret to those who bought “Master Spitter,” or, you know, anyone who’s ever properly sucked a dick in their life (zing!)

masterspitterMaster Spitter –

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  1. tommy

    Amazing. Princess Ceara Lynch has everything. Beauty and sexy way above all competition. Obviously intelligent with a veryhigh IQ and very creative too. You are a true artist.

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