Recently I got back from a trip to Hollywood; a little get away to relax, do some shopping, check out the sights and lay on the beach. I stayed with my friend Mike, a successful mainstream porn director who I met at AVN earlier this year. He was nice enough to lend me his spare bedroom in his gorgeous sky rise penthouse during my stay. There are certainly worse places I could have been:


The apartment was spacious and beautiful. Nicely decorated with white walls, bright colorful accents and floor to ceiling windows all around. I must have took a million selfies while I was there.

The location was great too. I walked up Sunset Blvd toward Runyon Canyon every morning. On the first day I was stopped by the a film crew asking if I wanted to be interviewed for a show on the history channel called “America’s Secret Slang.” They were laughing about the fact that the woman they just previously interviewed was a dominatrix. Imagine their surprise when I told them I was too, albeit a cyber version.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.45.05 PM

The interview consisted of them asking me where I thought phrases like, “rule of thumb” and “giving the cold shoulder” came from. In reterospect I should have taken over the interview and asked them what they thought acronyms like SPH, CBT, and CEI stood for. Probably would have made for a far more interesting show.

I got a chance to see Book Of Mormon the musical. I can’t speak of it highly enough, it really lives up to its hype. I want to see it again and again. This is a picture of the badass ceiling at the theater behind my shadowy face.

I’m sure some of you are wondering.. Yes, I did some shooting while I was there and no, Im not about to make any kind of career shift into mainstream porn despite the company I was with. You can all cry and/or breath a sigh of relief depending on how you feel about that sort of thing.

The videos shot were all sensual girl/girl kissing and foot worship commissioned by a regular client who pays generously for these kind of clips. He had been requesting I work with specific women in the porn industry for some time now. Normally I’d have to turn him down since I don’t know or live near any of these girls, but I figured given my friend’s connections this would be the perfect opportunity to fulfill my client’s requests and make a nice stack while I was there.

I had a chance to borrow his entire production crew during the shoots as well; cameraman, photographer, make up artist, and PAs. Everyone was great; a perfect balance of professionalism and perversion. I could never justify paying that kind of overhead with my usual solo POV clips, so it was a treat to experience it only for a few days.

Here are the girls:

Annika Albright (@AnikkaAlbrite) hot blonde popular for her big butt. Coincidentally we ran into her at the Book Of Mormon the day before our shoot.

Chanel Preston (@chanelpreston), penthouse model with an all around bright and cheery personality. The whole crew was swooning when they found out I’d be working with her.

April O’Neil (@undeux), nerdy babe who got her porn name from Ninja Turtles. She came on set wearing a poncho and had a Dr. Who phone case over her cracked iPhone. My kind of girl.

For April’s shoot we filmed at Mike’s house in the valley, a big 3 story porno palace equipped with countless bins of colorful stripper clothes, dildos and sour candy. The back yard area was much like his apartment: white walls with bright colored murals that were switched up every few months.

IMG_4378 IMG_4393
This shoot was easily my favorite of the three. In one of the clips April licked me through my panties for a solid 20 minutes until my fucking head exploded, then we took instagram photos all around the set (found here and here.) Fun times, despite the orgasm denial.

I managed to get some beach time while I was there too, took a day trip to Laguna just before heading to the airport smelling of dried salt water and sand.

Great trip, but it’s good to be home. Especially so because I get to torture my poor homosexual video editor with all these new girl on girl clips. What can I say? I love to make men suffer.

(Check out my members site for the rest of the pictures)

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