SEX//NOW Ep. 2


June 23-26th the producers of HBO’s SEX//NOW will be at my house shooting for their second episode all about fetish and humiliation. They’ve chosen to feature me as one of the main subjects.

They’ve asked me if any subs might be interested in being involved so they can capture footage of what it’s like to serve me on cam (NOT IN PERSON.)

This could be the ultimate opportunity for anyone with a true public humiliation fetish!

If you are interested, email with the following info:

1. What fetishes you’re into

2. What you’re willing to do on cam (the crazier the better.)

Masks are okay, but better without. You will need to sign a release and be available on Skype sometime during the dates listed above.

SERIOUS inquiries only. This is HBO, bitches!

8 thoughts on “SEX//NOW Ep. 2

    1. cearalynch Post author

      It doesn’t matter where they are filming. This is a request for subs willing to have a CAM session filmed.

      1. secret lynchaholic

        Princess, I suggest you schedule like 5 of them that day to make sure some serious comes through ..

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Calicos are the best! Hypatia just showed up on my door step one day. She’s a gem.

      1. Lycia

        Yeah, they tend to have spunky spirits. But the good kind of spunk.

        Mine just kinda showed up one day, too! She amuses me to no end.

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