Someone came crawling back recently.

I just picked up $900 he wired to me via Western Union this afternoon.


He’s of my oldest and wealthiest on-again-off-agains. I find him annoying for the most part and when you have the lack of patience and abundance of clip money that I do, subs are rarely consistent or loyal. Which is fine. It allows them to slut around with other dommes and allows me to take break from babysitting their needy penises

His name is Ismail and he had been begging me a lot lately for cam time. For the most part I really haven’t been in the mood to do cam so much, but yesterday my greediness got the best of me and I decided to indulge him. $500 for the first 30 mins. Much higher than my usual rate. Because I can.


Ismail has fantasies about me being the femme fatal catalyst that ruins his life. Someone who seduces him from his wife, his money and his religion; then turns him into a full service toilet and cum eating cuckold (you know, the usual.) Every time I talk to him he passionately insists how “serious” he is this time. How badly he wants to “go deep” and have me and “fuck up his brain.” When I suggest something relatively tame like eating his own cum, he finds an excuse not to.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 8.27.03 AM

30 minutes turned into a little over an hour. $1200 plus another $500 to send him the thong I was wearing. Our cam shows consist of me nodding along to his fantasies, echoing back what I know he wants to hear and then showing him my ass as he prays to it like a God. The latter part annoying because it means I have to sit up, but nice because it gives me a chance to text my friends and check twitter.


I’ve decided I’m going to start giving Ismail some more personal, dedicated attention from now on. I don’t believe he’ll follow through with any of his more taboo fantasies, besides parting with copious amounts of his money, but that’s no reason not to cast some high octane femdom voodoo on him and see where it goes.


5 thoughts on “Ismail

  1. James

    i wish i had that kind of disposable income to blow. That being said, what money i do have ends up going to the very tactile world of Strip Clubs. i never understood the online interaction at all. At least at a Strip Club i can actually feel (and some cases lightly touch) a beautiful dancer undulating in my lap. And if She is dominant? So much the better.

  2. Pindick

    Goddess I really want to know what do you plan to do with him? Maby we can also do it? What is the contract? AMAIZING blog

  3. Radical Larry

    I have meddled in online findom stuff and been binging uncontrollably as well. Of course I would always ‘decide to quit’ and come back. However the way you write about the shallow expectations of ‘subs’ and the simplicity of the feedback loop struck a nerve with me. I find myself wanting to do something else now.

    It’s a miracle, I’m cured! (But seriously, you always help putting things into perspective.)

    Thanks, Ceara!

  4. Stefan

    We Paypigs are often scared what we do, so I kind understand why He is off and on BUT this is not the way how we should treat a Goddess!
    At the end we all humans and when we Subs need a brake, just talk to your Mistress there is always a solution! So Ismael stop the on and off nonsense. Please!

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