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This year I’ve been attending several local live story-telling shows. For those who are unfamiliar, it’s basically where a person gets up on stage and tells a true story about their life in front of an audience. It’s a craft; those who are skilled can turn a mundane event into engaging entertainment, while those who suck can take a thrilling experience and turn into boring drivel.



Probably the most well known show is called “The Moth” featured on NPR. All over the world there are StorySLAMs where anyone can put their name in a hat and if drawn, they get to tell a story. I made it a personal goal to tell a story by the end of the year and last Monday I did it. The theme for the night was “taboo,” so it felt like my calling.


I was incredibly nervous. I realize that might sound odd coming from someone who performs for a living, but performing in front of a live audience is a much different experience from performing alone in your room with a camera.  It’s been years since I’ve been on a stage for any reason, and certainly the first time I’d gone on to tell a 6 min personal story I had memorized that day. I really thought I might have fainted or thrown up. Luckily I wasn’t called right away so that by the time I was, the waves of panic had cycled through and mostly subsided.


My story was about how I became a humiliatrix, my success, and telling my family (that’s all I care to give away for now.) Turns out, it went over rather well. Once I got up there the audience seemed to really enjoy it; laughing and cheering along. 2 of the 3 judges rated me the highest out of all the storytellers, while the other judge gave me a lower score. Added up: I got in 2nd place. Afterwards I received a lot of generous praise from patrons and was even approached by a producer of another show who invited me to tell the story there as well.

I’m pretty delighted! It was a great feeling and it won’t be my last.



I’ll be sure to post the recording for those who are interested once I receive a copy.

15 thoughts on “Story Telling

  1. comfortface

    Congratulations! I will be looking forward to the recording of your debut as storyteller. I already loved the interview you had on the radio a couple of months ago.

  2. hendrix

    Hi Princess Ceara, congratulation!!

    I often think you could be a movie star because you are naturally charismatic and you have facilities to write, interpret and incarnate a character !!
    In addition you are at least as beautiful as the most beautiful hollywood actresses. (to me you’re the most beautiful woman in the world but that’s just my opinion )
    It’s was sure you’d be good,
    I wish you many more good experience like this!
    Have a good day 🙂

  3. Anonymous Irish Guy

    Amazing. Getting up on stage ain’t easy. Maybe you can hide something from the camera (and there’s the opportunity to cut and go again) but on stage, it’s all you all now and everyone is watching.
    Huge congrats on making it work.
    Sounds like great material for further performances alright. Maybe even a Ceara one-woman stage-show one day.
    The Humiliatrix Monologues?
    The Icemaiden Cometh?
    A Streetcar Named Desire?
    One of these may be taken.

  4. vergo

    I’ve been on stages singing, while playing an instrument and without one, I’ve played instruments solo in front of an audience and within a band, I’ve been interviewed for radio, I’ve recorded myself talking and/or playing music for use online, like pretty much everyone I’ve experienced the nervousness that comes with giving a presentation in front of a class. However, nothing comes close to the nervousness that comes with participating in story slams/poetry slams/whatever else the different kinds may be called slams. When you’re just up there talking and not playing a character that much, to me it feels different to other ways of performing in front of people. Feels naked in a way, nothing to hide behind. But at least when you’re received well it also feels great. Hope you get the chance to do that again soon and hope you enjoy it, as I’m sure the audience will.

  5. Dustin Diamond

    I bet the middle judge who gave you the 7.8 was upset because he has a small penis and was threatened by your occupation and strong femininity.

  6. doggie

    Interesting posting.

    I have been reading your writings on and off for quite a while now and, I must say, it is clear that you possess a degree of articulacy which is unusual in the Findom/Humiliatrix world. Indeed, your analytical style and clarity of exposition are of a higher standard than I observe in most other professionals, in a variety of fields.

    Perhaps I am missing the mark, but my sense is that the increasingly personal nature of your postings here mirrors your life-choice to be more candid with family and friends about your occupation.

    It is as though you are “coming out” in both worlds: showing your humiliatrix life to your family and exposing (somewhat) your vanilla life to your fetish-driven readers.

    I had always presumed that it would be impossible for somebody with such a large internet presence to keep that part of their life a secret from family and friends, but you wrote with humanity and dignity about the difficulties and pain you experienced in family social situations.

    It seems to me, and again I may be waaaay off the mark here, that these writings reveal an ongoing process, a turning of the dials inside your mind. Perhaps you are re-evaluating your life-choices or looking to the future, but I think that the winds of change are surely blowing.

    I do hope that you will continue to post here for quite some time. I think that Ceara 3.0 will be just as compelling as the current version.

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