Home again

Three days ago I arrived back home from my 6 week trip in Thailand. There is so much I haven’t shared about my experience that I may have to go back and tell more stories when I make the time. Or maybe I’ll keep them to myself.

It’s a bittersweet feeling. I love my home, but I could have easily spent several more months in SE Asia. It doesn’t help that I came home to the dark, dreary weather that helps to sustain my city’s high rate of depression and suicide.

My friend Miss. T said it best, “Being delivered back into chilly reality feels like being birthed from a warm womb into a cold delivery room.”


I don’t mean to sound dramatic though. I’m incredibly grateful for the experience. Traveling is priceless: to be put into an entirely new place with no other responsibility but to explore it, meeting other travelers who are in such interesting, open ended points of their life, cultivating a deeper understanding of people and cultures that appear so vastly different from my own. Time both speeds up and slows down at the same time.


One plus side of being back is a new found work motivation. I spent far more money than I planned to on this trip and I have several more destinations ahead in 2015. Fortunate for me I’ve had my two wealthiest and neediest clients waiting eagerly for my top quality, over-priced attention along with the rest of the faceless masses. There’s a long list of custom videos I need to attend to, and on top of that, I have my the company of my cherished industry friends to look forward to in Vegas for AVN. Yahtzee.


Oh yeah, and if you happen to be in sin city during that time, you can find me signing at the clips4sale booth at AEE Saturday the 24th at 2pm.


2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. ben

    Thanks for writing about your travel experiences! I’ve hardly travelled anywhere myself. I get scared of travelling on planes, getting lost etc. It all feels too stressful. When I have holidays I like to stay at home

  2. EDSs

    i’m not a big fan of those fly-eyes glasses. Mask sunglasses are the best !

    your gloomy pic is very fun. I know this feeling, i live in a similar region in France, Brittany. Our french Oregon^^

    no relation : did your friend Monique Stranger convince you to become more muscular ? Your last vids seems to prove you have a more muscular body than one year ago.

    Whatever, as we said in France, “bonne année 2015, Ceara” !

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