Last night one of my regular cam subs, Smitty, contacted me to buy a cam session. Normally our sessions consist of tease and denial combined with heavy threats of public exposure and blackmail. There’s never any real life any follow through because as much as it turns him on, the thought of his face popping up on my twitter feed terrifies him to the core. Lately he’s wanted to play around with chastity.

Ah, the opposing desires of sexuality.

Chastity isn’t something I generally practice. I’ll talk about it in my videos or cam sessions, but the act generally lends itself better to real life sessions (which I don’t do.) A sub may have the best (e.g. horniest) of intentions when he says he wants to lock his dick up and mail me the key, but all that ambition is inevitably lost in one sticky squirt long before he’s even made a single step towards the post office.

Smitty, however, came prepared: with a cock cage and a luggage lock with a self-setting combo code. The game was simple, pay me $100 to jump on skype for 10 minutes, watch him randomly select the code close to the cam with his eyes closed (so I could see the it but he couldn’t) then lock himself up.

smitty1 smitty2

Smitty is a total wuss… And I’m saying this relative to all the other wimpy subs I talk to on a daily basis. Within 3 minutes he’s panicking, telling me this was a bad idea and begging me for the code.

“Oh god! Please! This was a big mistake. I’m SO sorry Goddess Ceara.”

Sorry for what? I wonder…

Instead, I gave him a list of clips to buy and watch on loop while I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day for a few hours. He obliged.

When I came back home I found a list of whiney offline messages telling me how badly he was “suffering.” He really sounded desperate. So being the gracious person that I am, I allowed him to pay me $200 to talk about it on skype. He proceeded to spend that time pleading for the code as I laughed manically at him and teased him silly with peaks up my skirt.

How absurd that a guy with a chastity fetish can’t last a few hours locked up. Am I really to believe he was suffering? As some genius on twitter pointed out, he could just “cut the lock out with bolt cutters.”…Right…. Or he could have, you know, not pay to get locked up in the first place.

Regardless, I’m a reasonable woman, so I gave him a few options to earn the code. 1. He could send $500 right now 2. He could allow for his picture to be posted on my twitter feed. 3. He could wait until I get back later that night after dinner to discuss it further.

All of those options sounded terrible to Smitty, but apparently the least terrible was option #1. Unfortunately that meant he had to call his credit card company to raise his limit and they put him on a long hold. Meanwhile I had to get ready to go out to dinner in 10 min.

Too bad for Smitty, after all that trouble, I wasn’t even around to help him enjoy his release to the fullest. He was out $800 for the day and I spent a total of 30 minutes with him.

8 thoughts on “Smitty

  1. sissy carrie

    i love that You made him buy and watch Your clips after locking him up. i don’t blame him for begging for release. It must have been torture watching Your clips and not being able to touch himself.

    As for why he wouldn’t just cut the lock, i don’t have a ton of experience with chastity, but i think i can explain based on what experience i do have. It’s not that we just want to get out, it’s that we want to get out with permission from our Keyholder. Had he simply cut the lock, that would have killed the entire experience for him. he needed Your permission to be released. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been nearly as good when he finally came, if he was even able to.

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Right, that explanation seems pretty obvious to me. If a guy in chastity just wants to get out, he wouldn’t have a chastity fetish in the first place.

  2. Dick

    The first time I saw one of those plastic chastity devices, I thought anyone should be able to get out of that without much effort. Of course it doesn’t even require bolt cutters to escape from a piece of thin plastic or a worthless luggage lock. Ten or fifteen minutes on Youtube and most any schmuck can learn how to open one of those locks faster than someone with the combination. It made no sense to me that someone would wear one because I just didn’t understand what was going on in the head of the wearer. Slowly, over the last few years the idea of being locked up has begun to make more sense to me and I even bought a device to try. I’ve talked to a couple of sellers on Ebanned about the possibility of them being key holders but I’ve never gone past talk. I would like to think I’d hold out better than Smitty, but I won’t know unless I try it someday.

  3. raptone

    Anxiety is a volatile fuel, and I’m sure it goes sideways a lot. I guess the humiliation fetish depends on anxiety though. So many of your videos are POV verbal initiations to some changed situation demanding a changed self image. No sex, just change. Not a one-time “lick my feet” thing, but an ongoing lifestyle change. They probe the guy’s identity fears (submissive, weak, unmanly), and use that anxiety like adrenaline to heighten his already strong desire for you (because you’re so fucking beautiful). It’s hot to watch on video, and interesting to hear about here.

  4. Jj

    I am not into humiliatrix stuff but for what it’s worth your blog is really interesting, I enjoy reading it.

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