Good boy Tommy

The winner of my recent yoga pants auction was my long-time sub, Tommy. The auction ended at $462 but he rounded up to $500… like a good bitch does.

If there were ever a song written for Tommy, it’d be “Constant Craving.” This guy just can’t get enough of me. Every moment he is pining for me, but he’s not needy. He only contacts me when his wallet is open and money is ready to be handed over to me effortlessly.

I spent some time this afternoon on a walk in one of my favorite parks. The weather was beautiful and Tommy had been sending me $100 tributes throughout the day. Just because. I took pause in my walk for a moment and snuck a shot of my panties to send to him. Poof! I’m $300 richer.






6 thoughts on “Good boy Tommy

  1. James Caufield

    You realize that an ounce of Goddess Ceara’s panty frosting is more expensive than a troy ounce of silver.

  2. Ceara's tommy

    Ceara Lynch is a true Goddess. i live to serve Her.
    Her beauty and power consume me. She has no equal.
    thank You Goddess for this blog post.
    i love Ceara. Ceara is God.

  3. Camille

    So good to serve Princess Ceara, so good to obey her. She’s my first Goddess and my Goddess for life. She asks something and i do it immediately but with Tommy, she doesn’t need to ask 🙂

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