Fun with Condoms

I swear sometimes I think my garbage is more cultured and traveled than I am. Just last week I shipped my old $400 sneakers to @gubinik10 in Croatia. Not long after I shipped a $500 used condom to Ismail in Zambia.



Ismail has been spending in the 4 figures this month. Not unusual for him. I was a little worried about shipping this condom to Africa but I just heard from him last night and it seems it got to his perverted little hands just fine. Were going to wait until I can get him on cam to decide what he’ll do with it. Dump it directly in his mouth? Face? Maybe on his holy book so he can then lick it off? Oh the possibilities!

4 thoughts on “Fun with Condoms

  1. Anodyne

    It’s great to see you doing your part to bring the people of the world together. By promoting cross-border cum eating.

  2. PenisNonGrata

    Couldn’t help noticing that the condom was a Magnum XL.

    And why wouldn’t it be? May you have nothing but the best in your life, forever.

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