The Joe Rogan Experience

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be on Joe Rogan Experience. One of the most popular podcasts out at the moment with over 11 million monthly downloads. It’s hosted by comedian, actor, and UFC commentator Joe Rogan whose typical guests are other comedians, politicians, and MMA athletes. He releases several episodes every week that generally range between 2-3 hours where they converse on a range of topics.


I was surprised to hear he was interested in having me as a guest after our mutual friend, author Chris Ryan, had brought me up. The show is rather eclectic, but Im still not a typical sort of person he talks to. So I was rather excited for the opportunity.

I flew into LA in the morning and I arrived for the interview around 2pm. The studio was pretty rad, filled with random gifts people had given Joe; bobble heads, a nightmarish taxidermy werewolf, kettle bells all over the floor and portraits of Jimmy Hendrix and Elvis hanging from the walls. His assistant, Jamie, was there. I liked him. He offered me coffee and was easy to talk to.



Joe ran a little late. He came in, shook my hand and then hurried to get things started. He wanted to avoid talking much before recording lest we launch into an interesting conversation no one else hears. Minutes late were streaming live.

The podcast itself I have mixed feelings about. Joe asked the usual questions I get; how did you get into this? How much money do you make? What’s the weirdest request you’ve gotten? Do your parents know? As well as more cringeworthy questions like; Do you pay taxes? and what’s your “exit strategy?” That all was fine. Those are typical questions I get because that’s what most people want to know, so it makes sense that he would ask them. It made for a decent hour of conversation, but then Joe decided he wanted to end it there.

Im not sure why he wanted to cut it so short. I got the impression he felt a little awkward, like he didn’t know quite what to make of me or how to interact. He seemed preoccupied by the shock value of few times Ive sold my shit that he didn’t think there was much else to talk about. At the end of the day his show is more of a conversation than an interview and I maybe we just didn’t really click.


After our converation he recorded some ads, shook my hand politely, put my name on the list at the Comedy Store to see his stand up act, and left to pick up his kids. As I waited for my ride to pick me up, I chatted more with Jamie. He gave me a mug and told me stories about all the cool people he’s met working for Joe and how awesome it is that he can call it a job.


Overall I’m happy I got to be on the show, I’m a fan of it myself and it’s cool to be a part of a show you listen to regularly. It was pleasant experience, but I don’t think it was my most compelling interview.

I think I’ve reached a point in this niche market, where, if you’re into the weird fetishes I cater to, you already know who I am. So it wasn’t too suprisingly that rather than gain a few new clients from this mainstream exposure, I’ve just been getting emails from dudes asking for advice on how they can “break into the business” and sell their used briefs to women (FYI: you can’t.)

For anyone who missed it last year, I’d also recommend listening to my podcast with Chris Ryan on Tangentially Speaking

20 thoughts on “The Joe Rogan Experience

  1. raptone

    Rogan is the star of his show, and he’s always going to do most of the talking. That’s why his typical shows can go long, because he’ll go on and on about whatever. As you said, it’s a conversation, not an interview. With you, he was just outside his experience and ran out of things to say or ask. An hour is plenty long for any interview. Rogan is not a great interviewer…what he does is like an AM radio sports show. Outrage and shock are gold to those guys. The emphasis on shit sales (which I assume is a pretty small part of your business and experience, and an even smaller part of your clientele) was all about that.

    He was fishing for shame too, walking the line between being cool with it all and judging you. No doubt he was thinking about his audience and tossing them WTF nuggets to judge you and your clients. Still, it wasn’t bad. It could have been worse. I hope your next interview is with someone who’s a little more interested in the phenomena you evoke – either sexual humiliation or the internet as a marketplace for services that no one dreamed would exist twenty years ago. It would be really interesting to hear an interview with you and one of your clients (or anyone into the humiliation) to be there with you and dig into it. Not “yes mistress” stuff but to talk about where it comes from, how it feels, what it really is.

  2. Dave

    Just saw you on the podcast last night and thought you were great. Yeah, Joe’s mind seemed a bit blown, but I thought the entire interview was really entertaining. I was most fascinated by your creativity in starting your business, and you have a great laugh.

    I thought Joe’s awkwardness only added to the entertainment value. And the documentary looks like it’ll be cool.

    Go internet. Congrats on living a free life.


  3. John

    I first heard you on Tangentially Speaking.
    Glad you wrote about your experience on JRE, as I was curious, too, about the sudden ending. I’d love to hear Chris Ryan’s thoughts on the ep, given he knows Joe and has interviewed yourself.
    All the best.

  4. Tony

    I was excited when I saw this, as I’m a fan of both you and Joe. I was a bit surprised at Joe’s attitude towards the whole FemDom fetish in general. He seemed to know little to nothing about it, and he was kind of implying that something has to be wrong with a person to have a masochistic fetish (well I suppose it could be debated). It did surprise me since he always struck me as a very open minded and intelligent guy. Not to say that he isn’t, but he came across as a bit shallow in regard to fetishes.

    I felt you were getting a bit bored with the interview towards the end, and it did seem to get a bit stilted. Joe really hammered the shit selling story to no end, and I agree with you that it prevented the conversation from evolving or getting deeper.

    Overall the interview was still a good listen and I thought you were great. I’m really looking forward to your documentary.

  5. pauly

    PRINCESS I think the problem is when a guy like Rogan interviews you he is reminded just how miserable his own life is because he doesn’t have someone as BRILLIANT and as BEAUTIFUL as you!None of us do PRINCESS because you are truly one of a kind!It would be impossible to have a conversation with you and not dream about how wonderful life could be worshiping at your beautiful stinky feet!PRINCESS you are quite the intimidating Woman! PS You misspelled the name of the greatest guitarist of them all it’s JIMI!

  6. Donai

    really fun show :), obiously joe was a little surprised, i lost count of the times he told: OMG SO STRANGE, but being honest i think he took it very well, another guy probably cut the show a lot before, i dont know, maybe he ran out of ideas to talk, i laughed a lot when you talked about your dad xD I imagine the scene when he says: thats so cool!! he seems to be very nice.

    in any case, my best wishes for you ceara! 🙂

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Of course. Love + Radio is great podcast. I linked to Tangentially Speaking because it closely resembles the Joe Rogan format but contained a more interesting conversation, IMO.

  7. Paul

    I’ve listened to just about every JRE for the last few years. I too was surprised he ended the interview after an hour but thought that maybe you had instructed him not to answer questions on other topics not discussed. Read your blog and yeah, in hindsight you could have asked more questions of him. He tends to go off on a tangent, so if the subject changes then that can provide another 30 minutes each time. Good interview overall.

  8. Chris

    Well, “running late” and “had to pick up his kids” may’ve had something to do with the length.

  9. Fat Loser

    I actually thought the JRE interview went great. He just found it hard to relate to us “losers”. Look at us, we are a joke. I pay Dommes and escorts to smack me around and choke me. Hard for somebody vanilla to grasp that concept. I accept it’s weird.

  10. CShayne

    I was so excited when I heard that Joe wanted you on JRE. Not because I’m a fan of his, but for the exposure you’re getting…not that you *need* any.
    I was pretty surprised how abruptly. He did seem kind of uncomfortable but atleast he wasn’t spewing too much bullshit and arguing back like he usually does. He’s never really seemed to care what sex workers have to say.
    I’m in the sex industry and have personal experience with Joe and some of his circle of comedian friends and without a doubt, Jamie was one of the nicest guys I met- cool guy!
    I’m glad you had the experience and am looking forward to everything else you achieve! I fan girl for you so much…reminds me of the Chris Ryan ep when you talked about going to a sex expo to meet a chick you admired. That’ll be me sometime haha.
    Always awesome, always beautiful!

  11. Richard Cranium Jr.

    Really, you sell shit, piss, and used panties for a living. It’s not that interesting and I think he gave you more than enough time. I don’t judge, but what you and your “clients” do isn’t psychologically healthy or hygienic. It’s actually boring and you seem very one-dimensional. You should just be thankful that you had your 15 minutes of fame.

    1. raptone

      You don’t judge? You should really read what you wrote. But I assume your name translates roughly to “dick brain,” so there may be an issue there. “Fear factor” Rogan fixated on shit and piss for shock value, and he missed the more interesting psychological aspects.

  12. melissa

    I’ve been waiting months for ur interview with Joe. Im a huge fan of his listen to most of his hundreds of podcasts. I thought you were great and I was very dissapointed in Joe’s method of speaking to you. I wanted to get to know you on a more personal level and I didn’t get that. I wish you the best with your business, blessings your way 🙂

  13. rich

    You are a successful, empowered woman, and Joe is a B level shock jock. His gig is to entertain his audience, not to bring out the best in You. I hope the exposure benefits You.

  14. Carl

    I saw your interview here purely because I am a fan of the podcast (I will definitely check out your other interview with Ryan too though). Joe did say in a later podcast that you were a very smart person and interesting to talk too – and you said he had to pick up his kids – so I don’t think it was anything personal – and you’re right, you’re not the normal kind of guest he had.

    I really enjoyed your interview and although I’m not into the kind of stuff you do I think it’s cool to do whatever makes you happy and / or money. Insanely jealous of your trip backpacking too! Anyway, just wanted to comment here as I saw you asked for us to do so on twitter – keep up being you!

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