Hopped a flight from LA. Travelled 14 hours next to a two year old who thankfully hardly made a sound. I’m on a layover in Taiwan at the moment. Just checked my email to find one that warmed my bitchy heart:



I’ll be in the Philippines for a week, then Indonesia for a while, then somewhere else… Try not to miss me too hard.

3 thoughts on “Jetsetter

  1. Hendrix

    omg, i love this message!
    i approve all of this guy say,
    it’s the same feeling for me, i really didn’t like this interview,i even feel that joe rogan tried to blame you, to make you feel guilty (when he talk about your parents it was pathetic) . For me it was horrible and you was incredibly cool considering the turn of the situation, but it’s not a suprise you are Ceara Lynch after all!!!
    Ps: for all the subs, fans or the curious i suggest you the much better interview with Chris Ryan

  2. pauly

    Princess Ceara I would love to kiss and sniff your beautiful stinky tired travel FEET!I love the unique shape of your soft smelly soles they are extraordinary!When you travel the World the people must go crazy having never seen anyone quite as beautiful as YOU!Enjoy your trip Princess!

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