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Sick Fuck

This last Summer I received one of the most deprave and detailed custom video request of my career. I was traveling Australia at the time and had just met an attractive man who took my fancy. We were in that fresh, get-to-know-you stage in our short-lived relationship and he was just starting to grasp a vague understanding of what I “do” for a living. Sharing this request with him was maybe throwing him into the deep in of the pool too soon. I don’t know. My perception of what’s “normal” or “appropriate” has been somewhat tarnished over the years. All I know is I thought it was too good to keep to myself at the time. I remember rolling around in his bed, sides splitting, trying to read the request out loud to him but barely getting a few sentences out before bursting out in manic, uncontrollable laughter. My eyes welled in hysterics as this poor, sweet man stared at me blankly, not knowing what to make of it. (or me, for that matter.)

It took me several months to complete this request, because I knew it would be a fucking masterpiece. It combines hypnosis, mind fucking, toilet slavery, financial domination, & wife domination into one demoralized concoction. You can really see the Lynch-style inspiration coming through. Daddy David would be proud.

I just released it today. Here’s a sample:

Buy the full clip here: http://clips4sale.com/16312/14388735


This was the request:

Hi Princes.

I’m into financial domination, hypnosis and toilet slavery, so you’re kind of the ultimate domme for me as you do all three so well.

So I’d love it if you could do a custom clip along these lines:

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