Sick Fuck

This last Summer I received one of the most deprave and detailed custom video request of my career. I was traveling Australia at the time and had just met an attractive man who took my fancy. We were in that fresh, get-to-know-you stage in our short-lived relationship and he was just starting to grasp a vague understanding of what I “do” for a living. Sharing this request with him was maybe throwing him into the deep in of the pool too soon. I don’t know. My perception of what’s “normal” or “appropriate” has been somewhat tarnished over the years. All I know is I thought it was too good to keep to myself at the time. I remember rolling around in his bed, sides splitting, trying to read the request out loud to him but barely getting a few sentences out before bursting out in manic, uncontrollable laughter. My eyes welled in hysterics as this poor, sweet man stared at me blankly, not knowing what to make of it. (or me, for that matter.)

It took me several months to complete this request, because I knew it would be a fucking masterpiece. It combines hypnosis, mind fucking, toilet slavery, financial domination, & wife domination into one demoralized concoction. You can really see the Lynch-style inspiration coming through. Daddy David would be proud.

I just released it today. Here’s a sample:

Buy the full clip here:


This was the request:

Hi Princes.

I’m into financial domination, hypnosis and toilet slavery, so you’re kind of the ultimate domme for me as you do all three so well.

So I’d love it if you could do a custom clip along these lines:

You’re fed up with my wife. You want all my money and all my attention, but as long as she’s around you know that I’m wasting some of your money on her, and spending time going out with her when I should be on my knees, worshiping you.

You know about my fetishes and you decide to use them to sort out the problem of my wife once and for all.

You begin by hypnotizing me. I’ll fall under your spell if you swing a pendant, if you lean close to the camera and look right into my eyes, or if you use your cleavage, your pussy or your ass to hypnotize me. The ultimate would be for you to wear a short black skirt and boots and a white blouse, and use all five of those methods to hypnotize me in turn, taking me deeper, telling me that you want me so weak for you, so deep in a trance, that I’ll do whatever you say.

Once I’m completely under your spell, you tell me that you know I want to be even more committed to you, to serving you and obeying you, and that my wife is getting in the way. You tell me that you can help me to sort out the problem of my wife, but that I need to show my devotion to you, my willingness to follow your order, by sending another $100 to you in tribute first. Force me, with the power of your hypnosis, to send it to you. Tell me that I must obey, that I can’t resist, that I am mindless for you. Tell me to ‘send it now’ and then laugh and say things like ‘You see, I knew you had to obey me. No-one can resist my power’. Tell me that once the little problem of my wife is sorted out, I will be able to kneel and send you tributes in helpless slavery every single night.

Next tell me that you know how much I love to be your toilet. Call me things like Shit Slave, Shit Slut, Toilet Whore, Shit Boy. Tell me that you know I want more than anything to be your shitty little toilet. Tell me that you want to crap in my face every day, but that my wife is getting in the way. Again, use the hypnosis methods I mentioned earlier to emphasize it as you say things like ‘You will be my Shit Slave’, ‘You will eat my shit, Toilet Slut’. Tell me that I want more than anything to be your Human Toilet. Tell me that I WILL pay another $100 to you in tribute for the chance to be under your shitty control. Tell me your going to crap me into your power, that you will shit me into slavery. Tell me to ‘send the tribute now’ again, and as before, laugh at how easily you make me obey you. Please don’t talk about how good or how bad it tastes or anything though, because it’s not the shit itself that turns me on, it’s the act of being used as a toilet, of being shitted on, of being so weak under your control that I’ll accept even that degradation in obedience to you.

Now tell me that we are going to sort out my wife, once and for all. Tell me that you’re going to be kind and give her a choice – either she can fuck off out of my life and leave me to you, or she can submit to your power in helpless slavery just like her husband. Tell me that I’m going to do something tonight that’s going to force her to choose. Again, lean into the camera with your hypnotic eyes/breasts, and tell me that I WILL obey you, that I have no choice but to follow your orders.

Now tell me that my wife is asleep in the other room and that I need to strip naked, kneel before you and stroke my cock, to make me even weaker for you. Use all the tricks in the book to make me weak, hypnotising me especially with your eyes, making me get turned on for you without being allowed to cum. Once I’m utterly helpless in your power, tell me that I am going to go through to the bedroom where my wife is sleeping, stand over her, turn my ass to her and take a shit in her face. Tell me that you, as my Princess and owner, command me to use my wife’s face as a toilet, to show her how much power you have over me and to show her how pathetic she is compared to you. Tell me that I must obey you, that I can’t resist, that I am your slave, that if I ever want you to crap on me I must first shit on my wife.

Tell me that once I have done as you command, my wife will have two choices. Tell me that her first choice will be to leave me for being a disgusting pervert, get out of my life, and leave me free to spend all of my money on you, and spend all of my time submitting to you, serving as your toilet slave and doing whatever pathetic, degrading or humilating thing you command. Tell me that her second choice, and the one that you know she will make once I force her to look into your hypnotic eyes, will be to submit to me and to you as a slave girl, to become your hypno slave just as I have, to become your money slave like her husband, and to become your obedient toilet. Tell me that if she loves me and doesn’t want to leave me, she will have to eat your shit whenever you command it. Tell me that she will have to dress in just a little black miniskirt and nothing else. Tell me that you will make me shit in her face and on her breasts. Tell me that you will enslave her mind completely. Tell me that she will be your toilet slut. Tell me that I will not be allowed to use a normal toilet any more and that whenever I need a shit you will make me pay you a $20 tribute, and only then will I be allowed to shit on my toilet wife. Tell me that you will not let me cum without permission any more, and that I will only be able to cum if I have first covered my wife in shit, and then you will let me cum if I pay you a $100 tribute, and I can only cum by rubbing my cock against my wife’s slutty little miniskirt. Tell me that she is your whore and you want her body covered in my shit and her clothes covered in my cum, but that I must pay you for the privilege.

Tell me that you know how much I love being a shit slave too, and that every time my wife needs to shit I must pay you $50 tribute, and only then will allow her to go to the toilet, and that she will only be able to shit if she shits on me. Tell me that you will command her to lower her sexy little skirt over my head and sit on my face, and to shit me into slavery to your evil power. Tell me that you will order her to grind her shitty ass over my helpless toilet face to show me how much power you have over us both.

Now tell me that the time has come to go through with it, to go and shit on my wife. Use all your hypnotic power to make me obey you. Tell me that I want to obey you, that I need to obey you, that I must obey you. Tell me that I want to show my wife how good it feels to be under your control. Tell me that once my wife is covered in shit I must force her in to kneel before the computer screen so that You can talk to her directly. Finally, tell me that now I must obey you. Tell me to shit on my wife. Tell me to do it now.

After a brief pause, start talking to my wife. I’m now holding her in front of the screen so that she is forced to look at you. Use your hypnotic powers on her. Tell her she cannot resist you. Tell her she is going to be your toilet for the rest of her life. Tell her that her money now belongs to you. Tell her how I am your pathetic little slave and how I beg you to shit on me, how I beg you to take my money, how I cannot resist your hypnotic perfection. Tell my wife that she must beg too. Command her to beg to be your shit slave.

Next, tell her that as you allowed me to shit on her, you must now return the favour and allow her to cover me in shit. Command her to go through to the bathroom and take a shit in the toilet. While she does that, use your hypnotic power on me and tell me that I am weak and that my wife is stronger than me. When she returns, command her to drag me into the bathroom and force my face down into the shit-filled toilet. Tell her to push my head down into her shit so that it is smeared all over my face. Tell her to call me toilet slave and shit slut as she does it. After a couple of minutes of that, tell her to drag me out, force me to the floor and lower her shitty ass to my face and command me to lick her clean.

Finally, tell me that now that my wife and I are both shitty little toilet sluts, helpless hypno slaves and obedient money slaves, that you demand another $100 from each of us to thank you for being so good to us.

Sorry, I know that’s kind of long. I don’t mind if you do it all as one, or break it down into a series of clips. Certainly take as long as it needs – don’t rush it or skimp on the details. Flesh it out and elaborate as much as you want.

As this caters to all my fetishes and as I’m so into financial domination anyway, I’ll pay whatever you want me to for this custom. Let me know how much you want and how i should pay it.

Ahhh, I’m so turned on just thinking about it. If you do this for me, I am going to be so utterly helpless under your control and you can just email me any time you want me to tribute you or do anything else for you. Your findom, hypno and toilet clips already turn me on so much, so the thought of combining all of them into one and using all the triggers and keywords that make me weak is just amazing.

Look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

Your obedient slave


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  1. 518sub

    Hope you charged him a reading fee. I wanted to charge him a reading fee. I’ll bet this one wins an award. Do they have awards for these? Like an Oscar?

  2. Mister Whimpleton

    Thank you….I feel normal for the first time in years after reading that! I’m cured!

  3. Paolo

    Princess Ceara you have the most beautiful AMAZING ass EVER!It is an absolute masterpiece made of flesh that Michelangelo himself couldn’t have sculpted anything nearly so beautiful so perfect!I really dig the way you look Princess!;)

  4. So Addicted

    That is an amazing clip preview – the full clip must be a true masterpiece.

    I am working so hard on recovering from my sex addiction but clips like these destroy my recovery and send me spiralling deep back into my addiction.

    Thank you Princess Ceara for knowing that my addiction to you is terminal and that it is pointless for me to seek help.

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