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My my, what a week it’s been. My last entry proved to be the mind-fuck that I anticipated. All you sad sexual devients creating the very masturbation material you so desperately try to break yourself from, all the while stroking my already massively inflated ego in the process. Bravo! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to watch so many followers fall to pieces over me as I exist simply as I am: lovely, cruel, and dedicated to toying with your most private and shameful desires. It’s true, I love my life more each day.

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I want to give mention to the subs who have managed to stand out amongst of sea of faceless jerk-zombies. Here they are, in no particular order:

Fuckface & Pindick: these two have been practically inseparable since I introduced them to each other. I think I’ll just call them Fuck-Dick for short. Not long after my Lynchaholics (LA) entry, Fuck-Dick decided they wanted me to host the first ever LA meeting by doing a double cam session. These two have been trying so hard to be each other’s support in abstinence that it seemed all the more appropriate to watch them break their will together. Unfortunately for Fuckface, the experience wasn’t as cathartic as he might of hoped and he just ended up buying even more cam time with me afterwards and licking his cum off my shoe twice in one day.

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Now whenever I find myself online, tweeting and making myself available for cam, Fuck-Dick will intermittently message me to command that I leave the other one alone. It’s so cute, especially when I clock out and one of them freaks out that they didn’t seize their opportunity to spend on me when they had the chance. My grand plan is to get the two of them to meet in person and blow each other in my honor. I don’t think this is asking too much, they’re both in Israel after all. [Follow them: @yonatancohen7 and @cearasfuckface]

Edge-whore: This guy defines what it means to have a  stroking addiction. Without fail he is the first to message me when I log into yahoo and then begins his daily routine of tributing and edging himself for hours without cumming. He works in some desolate area that restricts access to adult sites so he has to buy clips from me directly at $50 a pop. His income is negligible at best but he pays me fairly well for doing fairly little so I can only imagine he works simply to stroke and earn a couple responses from me via chat here and there. What a life.

RHB: aka Right Hand Bitch, a rather big spender I wrote about in the Betrayal entry. Like most of my subs, he’s been trying to keep his distance and not get sucked into my seductive vortex of humiliation and bankruptcy (although he’s a long ways from the latter.) He made the mistake of messaging me the other day to ask how he can cancel his membership to my website. I flipped on my cam and calmly explained to him why he didn’t want to do that and within minutes I had another 700 of his dollars. Funny how that works.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 1.45.49 PM

UK Virgin Student: At 24 years old this poor bitch has given up on trying to lose his v-card. Which is in his best interest considering the only thing that really gets him going is the idea of being financially dominated and ball busted. He confessed in his first email to me that he saw an attractive girl on the train and wished he had the nerve to ask her to take his money and then dominate him. I told him it was good that he didn’t. As pure as his intentions may have been in his mind, as general rule, women don’t appreciate being sexually solicited by strangers on a train. (Shocking! I know.) Despite his naiveté, he’s proved himself to be useful thus far by sending frequent, unprompted tributes of $50-$75 at a time despite his meager income (I don’t suspect it will last very long.)  He’s also taken it upon himself to live his worshipping life on the “edge” a la Edge-Whore by stroking to my clips without cumming. Whenever he feels the urge to cum, he simply punches himself in the balls. A strategy I fully support. [Follow him: @ukstudentbitch]

Czech-Binger: This guy made himself apparent to me last night when I received an invoice from clips4sale saying that someone had spent over $850 on my clips. Certainly a tweet-worthy purchase, but the guy pushed his luck when he proceeded to try and get my attention by sending me long rambling emails and tweeting at me incessantly. Apparently he spent his full savings in one night on just that and then thought that somehow earned him more than the grand collection of videos he directly purchased. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you: my personal attention has its own cost. It’s not some free add-on to your consumerism. [Follow him: @CearaHasANewPet]

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23 thoughts on “My Stable

  1. UK Student Bitch

    Today it’s got to the point where I want to cum so bad that I punch my balls, so they ache for a bit, and then I want to cum so bad again, repeat…Honoured to be on this blog Goddess, hope I can continue to be noteworthy and servile!

  2. goldenlion500

     Ceara…Bitch you need to be ass fucked deep by my BIG BLACK STIFF DICK!!!!…mmmmm love to penetrate yr tight butt hole…


  3. dickiestroker

    This week sure has been interesting to watch. Fuck-Dick are like a soap opera, every Tweet leaves me anxious to read the next. Will they find the strength through mutual support to resist the cruel but breathtakingly beautiful Ceara or will they crumble once again and empty their bank accounts for more cam time with her? Will they ever hook up in person to support each other with hugs, handshakes and the inevitable suck and swallow that will follow?
    What about ukstudentbitch is he bound to always reply to blog post in a Tweet or will he ever learn to follow simple instructions?
    Will Czech-Binger learn what Cicero knew 2000 years before the invention of email “Brevity is a great charm of eloquence”? Will he take out a loan to support his Lynchaholism?
    I don’t know how these stories will end but I’ve got my Twitter list of Lynchaholich’s and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

  4. slaveboy601

    Collecting and creating a harem of ‘jerk zombies’ as you say is a bizarre thing to believe is an achievement.

    It’s clear to see that you somehow have some special power over men, beyond what is a normal sexy girl vs. a hopeless man relationship; it’s somehow more unnatural, more unworldly than that.

    The fact that my previously uninhibited ability to ejaculate has been stopped upon coming across one of your clips the other week only serves to demonstrate this. This is not normal for anyone.

    Perhaps you should investigate more why your power exists? It could actually be more of an asset for good in the world than how you’re currently using it to satisfy as you say “your inflated ego”.

    Tightening your mental grip on these individuals, including myself is cruel. Why rein them in further and turn them into the mindless crazed people that you have been, and do a good deed instead? Free us! Have mercy.

    You could use your power to seduce and control the evil men of this world, dictators, villains and criminals of the like and have them cease their activities and lock themselves away in their bedrooms, forced to spend the remainder of their lives jerking themselves off, eating their own semen, and drinking their own piss as you’re having your slaves doing. Why do this to your ‘slaves’ unless you believe they themselves are evil? Or is the truth here that in fact that you are perhaps the evil? I’d certainly hope not and like to believe not, I’m relying on your mercy to set me free from this spell, and can only achieve this if I can reach some element of kindness within you.

    1. PDXFET

      Is that a really long way of saying with “great power comes great responsibility?”. She’s not SpiderMan–she’s Ceara Lynch for fucks-sake! And I would argue she is using her power for good (her own and the addicts).

      1. slaveboy601

        Is it really good for the addicts?

        Things that addicts are addicted to usually aren’t good for them, they just want (or feel they need) them.

          1. slaveboy601

            Well yes. I didn’t argue with the point that was made about it being good for you.

            However we are fast heading into an analogy that compares ‘lynchaholism’ to something like heroin addiction; probably a little unfair but has some parallels.

          2. joe peters

            that’s the number one priority and all losers need to work harder to add lots of zeros,i want you to be a billionaire,you deserve the best and finest life for what you do and helping lowely losers find their way and purpose

  5. guest121212 (@guest121212)

    You always seemed to me to need this deranged fawning. i mean it can be funny in a shock value type way for two minutes and if I see it while in a rare sub mood it will hit that self destructive trip wire. However, I think you do it because your ego isn’t self renewing; it’s dependent on outside approval. You are like that douche who somehow always finds himself without a shirt so he can feel the adoring leers of middle aged female letches. You are nearing your thirties. That brick wall is waiting for you, in terms of your appearance. I think it’s going to have a corresponding eroding effect on your ego. Happy Thanksgiving.

      1. guest121212 (@guest121212)

        yes i feel inadequate and inferior and talking smack makes me delude myself for a moment that i have some power and dignity. over people like you, especially you. i would jerk off to your fingerprint or anything that you touched. im constantly driven to transfer money and people like you know how to set off this madness. so you have a nearly god like power. im ashamed and scared and resentful of the command you have over me. your profession is to make people sick and poor and i hate being part of the victim class. i hate myself and live in awe and need of you.

  6. bodahn

    Her beauty is plain for all to see. Doe eyes, mouth with intriguing lip curl, flawless skin, gorgeous hair and a body that makes men weak-kneed.

    But her ability to hone in on what drives you all, the hilarious honesty, the way-with-words and outstanding business acumen is what has me following her. She must have earned – yes earned – an incredible amount for her age.

    I am just sorry I can’t buy her a beer (or whatever) one day and get to know the other side. Ceara would be one person I’d eagerly have at my proverbial dinner table, if ever some angel or devil offers me that conundrum in reality. 🙂 it be a joy to see how she’d interact with the other diners.

  7. joe peters

    once my divorce is final and I got my own place and money again I am gonna become one of miss cearas jerking addicts,im 44 and plan on spending every night in my apt watching and worshipping ceara lynch videos for the next 25 years and hope I can still watch when im in the nursing home,this is the only life I want and will be proud of,

  8. Bill

    Congratulations, you’ve somehow managed to make an even worse spectacle out of how you abuse and ruin men with low self worth. It’s interesting to me how you can even get away with it, without any kind of moral outcry from the public, although I guess most of them aren’t even aware that there are parasites like yourself out there.

    How do you feel about men who abuse insecure women? How would you feel if a woman you know had an abusive relationship with someone who not only made her feel bad, but also drained her financially and psychologically?

    You may think this is just a persona you’ve created, or that it’s just guys living out some fantasies, but reading these last two posts and the commentary that comes with them, it’s plain that your profession is having a direct and negative impact on many people’s lives. Do you know how much $850 is for someone in the Czech Republic? That’s several months of wages. It might not mean anything to you, but what about the kid that doesn’t go to college cause dad got addicted to financial domination. What about the family that suddenly can’t cover the mortgage or the health insurance costs? Laying the blame for such things with the addict who has lost control is no different that a heroin dealer saying that he doesn’t force his addicts to buy his product. Selling poison is selling poison, and you’re in the business of selling poison.

    1. dickiestroker

      It’s always funny how the weak addict blames everyone but himself. Yes She’s perfect and impossible to resist but your weakness isn’t her problem. The root of the problem lies inside the addict. The pain you feel is caused by your insecurities and your feeble attempts to kick against the pricks. Admit that you’re worthless, she is amazing and learn to accept your place in her world and the pain will turn to shear ecstasy.

      1. slaveboy601

        Impossible to resist might be a little strong? Anyone’s control can be resisted. People’s wills cannot be so easily subverted like this.

    2. joe

      what a load of garbage,miss lynchs service is respectable and gives losers a great opportunity to be useful,losers are here for her use and benifit,every loser and anyone related to a loser should sacrifice and make do for the greater good of princess ceara,the only priority

  9. UKPayslave

    Lol I knew Ceara Lynch fans were Daily Mail readers! That need to express distain for titillation and scandal whilst indirectly indulging in it -Those cravings only find darker ways out of you if you try and suppress them!

    Now let that black-puss seep out of you, like we all do -all over this page, and watch Ceara laugh at us as we writhe around in our own ugly. Helpless and confused.

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