Lynchaholics Anonymous

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For the past couple months, long time addict Yonatan (aka pindick) has been struggling to create a support group in effort to combat the bad habit that is me. It’s delighted me to no end to hear him talk about it.

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At first, most of my fans were just laughing at him, but I seemed to have found him some support with one of my newer subs, “fuckface.” I wrote about my first interaction with fuckface here when I had him stick a vuvuzela up his dirty ass and then suck it clean. He’s been a regular ever since, tirelessly climbing the ladder of degradation; licking cum off a toilet seat, off my dirty sneakers, sleeping in his own piss soaked shame… you know, the usual.

A couple weeks ago fuckface expressed some feelings of malaise. He hates being “addicted” to me and wants out. Of course those moments of regret were sandwiched in between more niteflirt calls and cam sessions. I decided to introduce him to Yonatan on twitter and the two of them have been nothing short of entertaining to me.


To Yonatan’s credit, he has been doing a pretty good job lately of refraining from buying cam lately. He’s obviously still around though, lurking in the shadows. No doubt spending night after night staring at my screen name on Skype, quietly begging me to himself that I sign off. Last night when he gave me one of his many “formal goodbyes” and I couldn’t help but notice he changed his avatar to a screen shot of my profile signed on. Too cute.

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“Didn’t make any effort” is right. Don’t you just love that? All I do is be available and its all they can do to keep from destroying themselves.

These two aren’t even far from the norm. Here’s an email I recently received from another struggling addict:

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Naturally after reading this I invited him to find me on Skype to buy cam. Our conversation went as followed:

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Now, believe it or not, deep down in my cold black heart there is some resemblance of a conscience. Its obvious to me that there is a strong need for support and camaraderie amongst my most addicted of followers. So as a gesture of good nature, I’d like to host the first ever LA meeting right here on my blog.

I welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to tell their addiction story to comment here.

You can do so anonymously, just make up a name, but start your confession with:

“Hello, my name is _____, and I’m a Lynchaholic.”

From there, you are welcome to tell your story with others who are just like you. No need to censor yourself, this is a safe space. Remember: you’re only as sick as your secrets.

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53 thoughts on “Lynchaholics Anonymous

  1. Pindick

    Hello, my name is pindick, and I’m a lynchcaholic for a few years. My story is writin above basically. I can’t stop thinking of this beast and I need help.

  2. buttxhugger

    Hello, my name is JB and i am a lynchcaholic. Princess Ceara coined an expression during cam – about Her chocolate starfish. i have been addicted since then – 5 years….still need my fix of the custom She did using that term along with many, many new clips since.

  3. SHANE

    well you are cute..but you look tired in the my BIG BLACK DICK dn in your mouth & down yr throat..mmm id fill yr mouth with my cum an make you swallow it ALL!!..fucking your face will feel sooo damn good,,,after that i think im gonna ass fuck are a sexy bitch…leave all those fucking looser nerds & geeks alone….

  4. Stableboy

    Hello, my name is stableboy and I’m a Lynchaholic.

    My first “encounter” with Ceara was in her clip “Bye, bye dignity” together with Princess Rene. Since then I’m lost! Gosh, I loved that clip….From time to time I try to fight against my phantasies – to be strong, to be a real man – the problem is: the more I fight the stronger the addiction gets…at least that was my experience…two weeks without Ceara’s humiliation will results in at least two days of complete relapse…And I mean COMPLETE relapse…my hands shake when I klick the purchase button on Kinkbomb…but I have to say that until now I just bought clips…

    Still, yes, I’m a Lynchaholic…

  5. Mandy Flores

    Hello, my name is Mandy Flores……
    …… and I am a Lynchaholic.

    It’s so sad to admit, but every since our tongues intertwined for the first time I have just dreamed of how good our clips would sell. Every time I see your perfect pouty lips, dollar signs flash before my eyes, and I am hypnotized by the thought of what we could do to empty the pockets of the next group of prospective boner toting buyers!

    I’ve just given up and given in to my addiction, and I guess I’ll be forced to accept the financial windfall that has resulted from it.

    *hangs head in shame*


    1. tedbauer

      She is a wonderful beautiful and wonderful Mistress.She will drive a slave crazy.There is no defense enjoy!

  6. dickiestroker

    I would be willing to sign a petition requiring Ceara to stop showing her feet in her clips. If my wife ever finds out my morning wood is from me dreaming of Ceara’s feet she will leave me.

  7. Fuckface

    Hello, my name is fuckface, and i a lynchaholic.
    I first saw ceara’s clip about 2 years ago. I’ve become a member of her site, had one cam session, but than i started to date my ex-gf, who helped me to stop being addict.
    That worked for me while we were together, but few days after we broke up, i got back, and now i’m addicted than ever. I want to talkto her, to be humilliated by her on a daily basis. I keep checking if she’s online, i want to get more and more degraded for her. I bought her used old snickers and they are now my most important belongings. I want to save money so i could buy her piss and shit, but i can’t anything cause i just keep spending more than i have on her. She is ruining me and keeping me alive at the same time, makes me miserable and happy. She is everything.

  8. adbrouk

    Hello, my name is Alan, and I’m a lynchaolic, from Northern Ireland, like to think I’m not but am bit obsessed

  9. Pindick

    I tolled her I’m taking sleeping pills to sleep because of her and she told me “my ass is a great pill”. Now I can’t sleep.

  10. guest121212 (@guest121212)

    “Hello, my name is guest121212 on twitter i have other names there and I’m a Lynchaholic.i like to think of myself as above her and her followers but it’s 4:30 am and i cant sleep because im in masturbatory fever pitch over the thought of her raping my savings and leaving me without even an orgasm. just left ruined yet still wanking. i want a piece of her. a fingernail somethings shes touched, ANYTHING. i want her to touch me by leaving a crater in my savings. by making a mental wound or public ruination that can never be healed. i want my life to be a toy she has fun breaking. in a short time. i took 3 sleeping pills but i can’t break this sexual loop.

  11. Mike

    Hello, I’m Mike and I’m a Lynchaholic. I first discovered Ceara Lynch in 2009. I started off with just a foot fetish, but thanks to Ceara the things I’ve done to feel humiliated have become increasingly deranged. For instance, I developed an interest in scat after I watched a Ceara video in which she instructed the viewer to stick his fingers up his ass and lick off the shit. I’ve tried repeatedly to give up my addiction – like the guy who sent the email, but then I’ll find another Ceara foot video and I’ll be back to square one.

  12. Luke

    My name is Luke aka Ukpayslave and I am a Lynchaholic.

    It started around 2009 when I found the c4s site for Team Tease. I am now owned by Goddess Rene and am a fully fledged payslave.

    I have thrown cash at Ceara, collected her clips and joined her website. I have done the worst, most degrading things to myself in her name. As an addict the frantic, marathon night-wanking sessions described by other users above are familiar and indeed regular for me too. I crave to loose it all.

    Ceara has out-maneuvered Yonatan (and us all) by forcing any rehabilitation discussion to take place on her own website, for her own entertainment.

    Ceara Lynch is like the NSA, only worse. She is not just in your emails she is in your mind.

  13. Not Important

    hello my name is not important,and i am disgusted by your pathetic existences. really,go sign over all your money and kill yourself,so ceara would be happy und you would be freed from your addiction.
    OR go to a whorehouse and FUCK a Woman,who you can touch in your real life. I didnt read all of your comments,because i don´t waste my time with you idiots. I read her blog,because if amuses me,how she live her life and how you struggle every day!
    PS: the “die for me clip” from cearalynch, maybe would help some of you unworthy creatures, who i cannot call humans!

  14. Pindick

    Guys, I don’t know about all of you but I think Luke has a point there. Reading all these confessions only makes it worse for all of us.

    It’s true that the first step is admitting your addiction, but what the hell is the second step??? I’m sure it’s not “jerking while reading other addicts confessions”… And sadly, at least in my case, this is the situation…

  15. Messy Sissy

    My name is private and i’m a Lynchaholic.

    I always knew it would happen. Most recently CL made me dress up in sissy clothes and splatter myself myself with custard pies. Like a complete tool I’m ashamed to say I did it without hesitating and even took a photo of myself which she posted on this blog along with horrible mocking comments.

    I want to say I can stop whenever I want but since then i’ve purchased her a present from her wishlist and paid hundred of dollars for another custom video. I’ve been beside myself waiting for it as when it gets here I know i’ll be compelled through my own disgusting addiction to go through with whatever fucked up instructions are within it. I honestly can’t stop because i’m desperate for any kind of attention from her.

    Oddly, admitting this feels good….should it? Or does that make it even sadder?

  16. jay

    She’s getting too cocky. 12K followers on twitter got her thinking she’s a celebrity. If you ain’t a Lynchaholic, then you’re probably a Lyneaholic, a Moniqueaholic..there’s too many of them.

  17. tekilakid

    Decided to add my piece…I was trying to figure out if I am a lynchaholic….I certainly was but my addiction was more akin to being abused and financially hammered by hot dommes and although I am not as active as I once was it is Ceara Lynch who still remains on my contacts lists….it is her clip4sale store I visit (and buy the odd one), it is her journal that I read and evidently comment on. To try and explain why it is Her that has remained in my head more so than others is difficult to pinpoint….sure she is incredibly attractive but its much more than that….sure she had me do the most degrading acts…and yes her cam sessions were epic in a way that has possibly never been matched (possibly one other domme reached the level)…so I guess it is a combination of all these that makes me a reformed lynchaholic which basically means I tether on the edge similar to any addict just avoiding the one trigger to drag me back into the shit (no pun intended) #privatejoke
    In conclusion if you are a a lynchaholic you possibly always will be but if you can keep some sort of safe distance and avoid too much temptation then you can continue to live like any reformed addict……but then again again where’s the fun in that!!!

  18. Anodyne

    I already got the ball rolling on this concept in the previous thread, so I have nothing to add other than I think you owe me a free phone or cam session for stealing my idea. I suggest you reward me by listening to me beg for your ass while I fuck a Fleshlight for your amusement.

    On the other hand, if you think this is overly presumptuous, you should probably punish me by listening to me beg for your ass while I fuck a Fleshlight for your amusement.

      1. Anodyne

        I meant the idea of “My name is xxx and I’m a xxxx-aholic.” (I actually used “Cearalcoholic” in the previous thread, which IMHO is cleverer.) I doubt I’m winning any copyright challenge on this, though. 🙂

  19. Sissy Sandra

    Hello, my name is Sissy Sandra, and I was a Lynchaholic. Ceara herself cured me of my addiction to her, so I guess I should be thankful for that.Here’s my story:

    I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist. When I was younger I loved jerking off in “risky” situations because the adrenaline that came with the risk made the orgasm much stronger. At some point I picked up also being a sissy, as a reinforcement of the exhibitionism fetish. If it was risky to masturbate where you might get caught, then it was WAY more risky to do so whilst wearing women’s underwear and make-up, which meant more adrenaline and a better orgasm.

    My problem has always been that I’m very conflicted about my sexual desires, because when I’m horny I’m willing to do all these things, but once it’s over I feel absolutely disgusted and self-loathing about myself.

    Naturally, this is a perfect combination of fetishes to take to a blackmail queen like Ceara Lynch. I dreamed of risky blackmail and exposure scenarios and Miss Lynch provided that by being one of the more “serious” black-mail dommes out there. She has done a number of custom clips for me, we’ve had cam sessions, several where she had control of my facebook profile during the session, and during one skype call I watched Ceara send e-mails with very embarrassing pictures of me to two of my female friends.

    That last skype session prompted me to go into actual therapy with a psychologist. I was on cam with Ceara and literally begging her to destroy my life by sending damaging pictures of me to people that know me, such as co-workers and friends, and Ceara obliged my demented idea. The real life implications were devastating though. I’ve lost contact with nearly all of my friends. I’ve lost my job. I’ve been dealing with severe depression and anxiety ever since the “exposure”.

    My sexual fetishes notwithstanding, I used to be an outgoing and happy person who had many friends and enjoyed social activities. Now I can’t stand being in a room with more than two people for more than a few seconds. I’m alone, unhappy and I deeply resent myself for throwing away a promising life for a few orgasms.

    I don’t blame Ceara though. She’s just been one in a long line of internet dommes, real life dommes and webcam-girls, who were willing to provide the social and mental self-mutilation that I desired. If anything, I blame myself and to a certain extent my parents for the things I went through as a child that have no doubt laid the ground for a mind full of submissiveness and self-destructive tendencies.

  20. Tim

    My name’s Tim and I’m a Lynchoholic. I started off with clips (including sending my info on her genius blackmail clip) and then finally plucked up the courage to have a session. She completely destroyed me and my wallet. I’ve drunk my own piss, been filmed dong jumping jacks on a clip with Ceara and Monique and much more besides. I’ve given her thousands, and she deserves it all.

    I agree that by encouraging us to reveal our weaknesses on here, she gets stronger. I disagree, however, with the idea that “if you ain’t a Lynchaholic, then you’re probably a Lyneaholic, a Moniqueaholic..there’s too many of them”. Ceara is way above them all. No one else understands male sexuality and how to exploit it like her. Her clips set the standard for everyone else (and they all copy her), her style is effortlessly superior and she is an original thinker. She is the patron soul of mental sadism and financial domination and I hate her.

    1. Mike

      I agree – CL’s success is partly due to the fact that she understands the submissive psychology much better than most other dommes, and consequently she’s more original in how she dominates. Plus, it’s really obvious that lots of dommes who are appearing on the ‘scene’ these days are opportunists who have watched some of her clips and are just trying to imitate her.

  21. Vito

    I am Vito and i’m a Lynchaholich from 1 year but never had the courage to write her or serve her. But i think to be addicted to her too.

  22. marcel

    I am marcel and i’m a Lunchaholich. i startet to buy a video from clips4sale. i liked it, and tried another one, then another one, etc.
    now i am in big trouble. When i see a beautifull girl, i get a hardone. when i get a hardone i automaticly think of Ceara. When ik think of Ceara i have to buy her latest clips. Then i get of watching her clip and getting more and more adictive. After getting of i always think this was the last time buying a clip. But the next day at work, i see a beautifull girl and it all begins again.
    Almost every day i drive as soon as possible home, to start my laptop and jerk to her.

    Help! i cannot stop myself doing so stupid!

  23. marcel

    I am marcel and i’m a Lynchaholich. i startet to buy a video from clips4sale. i liked it, and tried another one, then another one, etc.
    now i am in big trouble. When i see a beautifull girl, i get a hardone. when i get a hardone i automaticly think of Ceara. When ik think of Ceara i have to buy her latest clips. Then i get of watching her clip and getting more and more adictive. After getting of i always think this was the last time buying a clip. But the next day at work, i see a beautifull girl and it all begins again.
    Almost every day i drive as soon as possible home, to start my laptop and jerk to her.

    Help! i cannot stop myself doing so stupid!

  24. Johannes

    My last complete relapse into Lynchaholicism….quite severe….quite expensive…;(

    Twice As Nice $6.99
    Capitive ToiIet $5.99
    Jehovah Wittness $7.99
    Phone Sex $4.99
    Kinky Fun $7.99
    Be my bitch $6.99
    Weak men $7.99
    Watch them dangle $9.99
    Lick my boots and kiss my ass $6.99
    Lick my boots, dyke. $5.99
    Boots rule $8.99
    Indoctrination $9.99

    Subtotal: $90.88

    Johannes aka stableboy

  25. Jay

    Hello, my name is Jay and I’m a Lynchaholic. Im from Prague, Czech Republic. She got me yesterday, i dont know how. I just watched the videos of her and than i started to order them. Only balance of my account stopped me to spend more. but i must say, today i only want to borrow money and give it to her. its 850 dollars and 100 before she get totally. she still didnt aswer me, but once it gonna happend i am fucked, i know it now. i dont wanna be so helpless and addicted as some of her slaves, they sound really desperated

  26. PdxFet (@pdxfet)

    Hello, my name is Fet and I’m a Lynchaholic. Well a sort of… a closeted one I guess. I’ve been following Ceara Lynch for a few years now…since I found one of her early videos and realized she lived in my city. I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her on the street one day and afterwards I desperately tried to get her attention online. She quickly denied any possibility of rt, taking her shopping, or seeing her in person. She then told me my custom clip request was too long and detailed and denied me that as well. I had a few minutes of live cam time with her…but I don’t think i was very impressive or entertaining for her :(.

    I check her twitter and blog pretty much daily. I think about signing up to her website 2-3x per week (although the most recent attempt at a cancellation story makes me a little nervous about doing that), and I buy some clips from time to time (but clips isn’t really my thing).

    My addiction has resurged a little this last month–and despite the desperate pleas for people to be “released”–I’m actually looking for the opposite and trying to figure out how to truly be used and start an addiction to this beautiful, smart, sexy young alpha female. I worry that my fairly substantial real time experience as a sub means that tapping into that “online” won’t really work for me, and that Ceara might just be actually too popular, amazing, etc… and have too many people begging for her attention that I can’t really compete…but…I am still here following and hoping to figure out a way to go down that road with the fantastic Ceara Lynch.

    I’d appreciate any recommendations on the best way to “start” serving and seeing if I can be as lucky as some of the subs in her stable–and feel that addiction and desire to do anything to please her…There are others dommes (in the city) that are wonderful and I have taken shopping, served, etc…but yet my mouse always seems to direct me back to Ceara…even 3 years after being denied to engage with her.

    Even the awesome panty pic from today. I was thinking about what I could offer her to let me pick them up downtown for just a quick 2 min transaction…and I know that no matter what I offer–she will deny me and direct me back to ebanned–and that just makes me so frustrated I can’t even tell you..yet I still want to so badly.

    I’m pretty sure this makes me a Lynchaholic…even if I’m not serving her in anyway right now…but i sure would like to.

      1. PdxFet (@pdxfet)

        Wow..thank you! I was thinking quite a bit less, but definitely worth what your asking! I need to have a decent amount of disposable for my Vegas trip next week to make the big bucks and I just took a domme on a shopping spree trip at Wash Sq Mall, last week, so I would need to do less than $1k this weekend (like in the $400 range)…or we could do something after the 9th (assuming I still have my shirt after Vegas)

        If your open to it and available–perhaps it would be better to use those resources on a cam session this weekend and maybe you’ll allow me to do the panty transaction when I get back?

  27. James

    Lol… what is this? An average looking girl at best, toying with a bunch of desperate guys? This is pathetic, for both sides. Everyone needs to reevaluate their situations.

  28. bri e. strogen

    hi,i’m bri and I’m a new lynchaholic. I don’t even know what to say, other than that I was trolling for someone to encourage me to use poppers and wound up buying one of Goddess’s clips. I mean, I knew it might be dangerous, fuck, I had read this comment list a little while ago and resolved not to buy any clips from her.
    but now I’m a member of her site, and want to be Her teased and denied, Popper-fied hypnotized brainwashed, Cearan!
    now excuse me, I have to go back and watch some more clips and take some more alkyl nitrites in an attempt to get even more of Cearaddicted!

  29. MAS

    Yes! I am a Lynchaholic. Just think, two years ago while flippin through porn, I saw Rene first. I thought, who does this shit? After becoming intrigued, I sunk deeper, and still declining. I now have become a cum whore for Ceara, although just my own. I have never been subservient in life, however I will soon work up the nerve to suck off a real man’s cock soon, just for Ceara. I can only hope it will be the man that is just about to enter my goddess. When finished, I will clean them both up. Yes, I am a Lynchaholic…

  30. Zack

    Hello, my name is… Zack (I ain’t gonna tell you!), and I’m a Lynchaholic.

    It all began when I downloaded a video of Ceara for free on some porn forum. It was a foot fetish humiliation video, and even though I didn’t have a foot fetish, it made me go into total sexual Frenzy for her feet! It was an amazing sexual experience! That day I jerked 4 times in a row to that video! I then began looking for other free videos, but they were hard to find, so I had no choice but to use my credit card to get some more. It quickly became a drug and I developed a very strong foot fetish. Each foot fetish video I got made me more addicted, soon it became an obsession and I just couldn’t get hard on normal porn anymore. When I stared having trouble in bed with my girlfriend it really struck me how far my addiction had gone and the damage it was causing. I tried to fight it but I just kept coming back. My relationship with my girlfriend eventually ended, and I now jerk several times a day to her feet videos, I just can’t get enough, it makes me cum so hard!

    I fell into Ceara’s trap, as she totally brainwashed me with her feet, to the point where there’s simply no escape. I know understand and accept that there is no hope of ending this addiction. I feel psychologically destroyed and humiliated. Often I have tears in my eyes while I watch and jerk at her videos.

    It’s a very cruel addiction.

  31. Andy

    The first comment from Pindick who describes Ceara as a beast made me laugh out loud

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