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I threw my backpack on yesterday and hopped a plane back to Mexico for a few weeks. Im traveling with a girl friend of mine. We’ll spend a couple days in Puerto Vallarta, a weekend in Sayulita, then we’ll hop a flight to Cancun, and hit up Tulum and Belize. I’ll be meeting up with few familiar faces along the way; Domina Snow, Meggerz, Mistress T, and Shauna Ryanne.

I enjoy traveling and I try not to make it an expensive habit. When we arrived my friend suggested we take the bus to save money on a cab. We speak next to no Spanish and as a result ended up taking the wrong bus to a wrong area then walked two miles to no where. We finally caved and shelled out a whole $5 for cab fair. The most brilliant part of this experience was that during this time I literally made over $1000 between clip sales, a custom video sale, and @soleshine13 sending me tributes.

Im currently sitting in a hostel right now. Last night my friend’s Mexican lover hopped an hour long bus ride to hang out with us for the night. We sat outisde and drank tequila at a bar that played classic rock songs, reminising. At one point he sheeplishly told me he felt like an asshole because he booked a hotel room to steal my friend away for the night. Of course I don’t care. Hostels are great for saving money and meeting new people, but they’re not the most romantic of places. I’m happy for them. When good people get together and fuck eachother it’s a lovely thing.

Looking foward to the weeks ahead. I’ll be back in April.


5 thoughts on “Back to Mexico

  1. subpedroo

    Good for You, Princess! I’m very jealous that You’re able to travel on a whim. You look so beautiful and happy. Enjoy Your travels!

  2. comfortface

    Puerto Vallarta is beautiful and if you have the chance to see the whales from the beach, you shouldn’t miss it.
    Enjoy your stay in Mexico. I wish I could help you with your Spanish. 😉

  3. soleshine, moondog, fuckface

    Sounds like a great trip! Thanks for the mention in Your blog. It’s truly a pleasure tributing a Woman as lovely and powerful as You.
    Safe travels!

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