The Mystery Box Show

A while back I mentioned that I told a 5 minute story at a local storySlam hosted by theMoth. At that performance afterward I was invited by the host of the The Mystery Box Show to perform at their Valentine’s Day show. I decided to tell more or less the same story, after putting it through several revisions, stretching out, and editing it back again.

Being a person who’s used to “performing” in the privacy of her own room with nothing but a camera, being on stage with actual live bodies looking at me was rather nerve wracking. It caused me a lot of stress leading up to the show and made me ponder what secret masochistic tendencies must have convinced me put myself through this. Luckily by the time I stepped on stage I felt competent and good to go. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

I’ve grown a huge appreciation for live story telling this past year and I feel fortunate to have given my own contribution to the craft. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. For those who missed it, here’s the tape:

15 thoughts on “The Mystery Box Show

  1. ben

    That was an awesome performance!!! You could do your own comedy festival show. I am petrified of speaking in front of people but you were fantastic

  2. Rory

    Really well done. Engaging and interesting. When (if) *this* finishes there is a career for you in front of a mic. You are a natural – which just shows that your hard work and practice paid off amazingly. Bravo.

  3. Anodyne

    I really enjoyed this, thanks. Not sure I’ve ever seen anyone else so successfully combine the depraved with the heartwarming.

  4. Denty Durler

    I’ll take the risk of sounding corny by saying: that’s maybe the most beautiful video of you I’ve seen so far.

    I think I sensed that you were nervous, but you dealt with it very professionally as far as i can tell.
    I wonder, did you just wanna try telling a story on stage in front of a live audience or did you choose this story for a deeper reason?
    Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to your story and watching your performance. I sure hope, there will be more! Well done!


    P.S.: I knew the basic story from your interview with Chris Ryan, in which you also told that you’re less and less afraid to share personal thoughts and insights. I really appreciate that. Firstly to “re-humanize the Goddess”. 😉 Secondly because I think what’s great about our time is, that one is able to make a living from producing videos (or any kind of art) and distributing it over the internet by themselves, reaching all interested “consumers”. And I guess you’re a perfect example of how this can be done (very!) professionally -even in the field of producing fetish videos.

  5. hendrix

    totally awesome!
    1: i agree completely with Dety durley!
    2: i feel really happy to be humilated by a good person like you!
    3: i can honestly say that I love your mind as much as your beauty!
    4: i love you Princess and i even don’t want to fuck you… i just want to buy your piss 😉

  6. raptone

    I loved it. You made it funny, heartwarming and inspiring, but your story is interesting too, as a business story and as a perspective on fetishism. I think maybe you are a kind of a genius. You’re definitely a pioneer. In all of human history, you are one of the very first people ever to make a living doing anything remotely like what you’re doing, so you got to define your own genre. I find the whole thing fascinating and hilarious.

  7. Lee

    Great watching/listening to your story. I’ve been a fan since 09 when I stumbled across your clips for sale store. I’ve bought many clips the first been panty sniffing pervert with monique and bitchface. I think your amazing and your gorgeous xx

  8. Jake

    Very entertaining and hilarious! You were a natural up there. Thank You so much for sharing!

  9. Anthroponym

    That was good if you wanted to take a huge pay cut You could definitely be a comedian Thanks for sharing

  10. pp

    Great; I missed checking this blog for a while but I am grateful that you uploaded this. The nerves showed which is honest but the punchline about what matters was unequivocal. You are a genius and this is appreciated you have the wisdom to be careful with money the work ethic to maintain an income, innovation for repeat business and a personality to inspire loyalty. More power to you. Thanks again.

  11. soleshine, moondog, fuckface

    Thanks for sharing the clip and Your story. You’re a very natural public speaker and very charming. Maybe we can get Ebanned to get You to do a commercial for them.
    Hoy hoy

  12. Paolo C.

    Nerves?I don’t know what this people are talking about Princess!You looked totally at ease in the spotlight in fact I think you basked in it! Without doubt welcome all the attention being on you which works out pretty good because you deserve it!You are an amazing Woman Princess in every way!I will say this this, I would have loved to see and sniff your panties after your performance!They must have been so wonderfully fragrant!;)

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