His email:

I caught you on the Love + Radio podcast the other day and found you to be insightful and intelligent. Very refreshing.

I don’t mean to tell you your business, but I would be a bit careful as to how you treat some of your clients. I know it’s just for fun and a way to make a living, but some of the people who seek you need help. Professional help. And a humilatrix might get them off, but it also might just dig them deeper into their hole.

The vast majority of your clients are probably just horny and find you attractive and fun, but their are indeed troubled souls out there. And I know you don’t intend to make them more troubled. So please be careful. And stay hot.

My Response:

How do you propose I do that?

It would be easy to suggest my job is unethical if seeking out my services was purely a symptom of mental instability. But it isn’t. As you acknowledged, most of my clients are just horny and find me fun. Healthy people have fetishes, even ones related to deep humiliation. What people enjoy sexually does not give you any kind of predictive inference about who they are as a person.

However, given that there are a certain number of people in the general population that are mentally ill, it then follows that a certain percentage of my clients are mentally ill as well and, yes, perhaps my services are not beneficial to them given their current condition.

How am I to distinguish this sort of client from the rest? The only information they are giving me is what makes their dick hard.

What is my responsibility? At what point should override a grown man’s personal choices because I have a better understanding of what’s best for him? Should I run a psychological screening test to ensure each client is in the right state of mind to purchase my services? Request a letter from their doctor?

I do not want to harm anyone, but when someone tells me to “be careful” with no practical tools or advice as to how, all they are doing is instilling feelings of guilt and paranoia, suggesting I have an important yet unattainable moral obligation.

Many of my clients eroticize unethical behavior and personal destruction. They want me to behave like a sadist: to hurt them, fuck them over, leave them broke, destroy their life and not care about them in the slightest.

This could blur the lines of fantasy and reality until one realizes my clients have the power to end the fantasy at any point by turning off their computer. I do not chase them. I never make first contact or follow up. Every interaction with me begins with their initial approach, is contingent upon their payment, and ends when they stop sending money.


11 thoughts on “Responsibility

  1. Scroden

    Millions more troubled souls are adversely affected by alcohol and tobacco products than by dominatrices. Please never stop hurting me, Princess. 🙂

  2. blank

    Its all a bit silly. I find you hilarious. You are certainly not responsible for others mental well being or the fulfillment of bizarre fantasies.

    1. cearalynch Post author

      I’m not responsible for the latter? What exactly do you think I do for a living?

  3. raptone

    I understand your frustration. Your services may be unhealthy for some, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Every bartender has served plenty of people who wrecked their life with alcohol, but they don’t know who, and they don’t carry the moral burden. Neither should you. It’s the social price of liberty. We drink, we gamble, we watch hot videos, whatever. Those who lack impulse control are going to suffer, no matter who’s taking their money or for what reason. The way to help them isn’t to rid the world of all possible dangers; it’s to find them and treat them, and that’s not something you or the bartender can do.

  4. F

    “I caught you on the Love + Radio podcast the other day and found you to be insightful and intelligent. Very refreshing. ”

    That’s all I needed to read to find out where his email was going. “Insightful and intelligent” is “refreshing”?!? Talk about the bias of low expectations.

    And with that as his prelude, is it any wonder then that he feels obligated to offer advice … not thoughtful advice, per se; rather, the usual obvious sort of drool and non-specific stuff that seems to pour from the pen of those on the ‘correct’ side of every moral question posed. But of course not every question is a moral question, not every act is a decision between good and evil. Some things are simply no-strings-attached business transactions … as you have made abundantly clear time and time again throughout your career across the full spectrum of marketing tools you use.

    Oh by the way, my own feelings regarding your potential interactions with “mentally ill” clients are that I am more concerned for your well-being than for that of the ‘troubled soul.’

    Stay safe, Ceara.

  5. pp

    I too immediately thought of alcohol. You never can tell and the disclaimer idea another suggested a while back was also impossible. I would trust you completely with other people’s vulnerabilities because you understand things that don’t come across in such a simple interview. I am always amazed every time I visit this blog. Thanks.

  6. Tim

    Miss Lynch, that is why I so appreciate all that you do for us ‘average Joes’ who would otherwise never get the opportunity to engage with a woman as beautiful and caring as you.

    You care, that’s likely why you’re so popular, ( although I admit to wishing you were just my secret that no one else knew about! ) you care enough to give your fans what they want and it’s crystal clear you don’t actually want to harm anyone! Hurt yes! Harm no.


  7. jb

    There are days when Your clips entertain me greatly. Perhaps there are other choices i could make, but i choose Your clips. They excite me and they lessen the low level depressive moments which otherwise drag me down even further. Laugh if You wish, but i truly find the fantasy life of humiliation, findom, femdom to be therapeutic. And it is a choice i make among the many available to me. Thanks for all the days which You have made my life more exciting and less of a painful struggle.

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