Happy birthday to… Nate?

This last weekend I celebrated my birthday by hosting a huge party at my house. 50 people showed including some familiar faces; Princess Monique, Meggerz, Astro Domina, Mistress T, MomoDomina Snow, and Nate-bitch, aka “the luckiest slave in the world.”

The party was amazing for a number of reasons, but the most blog worthy moment was when Monique pulled Nate-bitch out of my hot tub and began stepping all over him and kicking his ass. This instigated a humiliation pile-on with a few other girls as the rest of us sat back and laughed. Most of the attendees here were not in the adult industry so they couldn’t quite believe their eyes. This was pure, unscripted public humiliation. Lord knows what my neighbors were thinking (one of them have windows that look directly into my backyard. ha!)

Luckily I had my phone on me and recorded the whole thing. Here’s a little taste of how it all got started:

Seriously now, who’s birthday was this? Mine or Nate’s? This bitch has died and gone to heaven.

Naturally I’m capitalizing this as much as I can.

Buy the full length video here: http://clips4sale.com/16312/16084278 




I’m in Amsterdam! I arrived around 8am. Waiting for me at the airport with coffee was my Dutch foot slave wearing sissy pink lipstick and a chastity belt. He dutifully carried my bags and had a tram card filled with money for me to use.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender

After we arrived at my airbnb he bought me some groceries to keep in the kitchen then helped me fight my jet lag by giving me a walking tour through out the city. I ate raw herring for the first time, It was fucking delicious.

FullSizeRender_1 IMG_6563

Astro domina and Domina Snow joined me later that day. Snow lives in Paris now so it was an easy train ride for her, Astro happened to be traveling through Europe at the time. Thats great thing about having rich, beautiful, well traveled friends is that you often run into them in foreign countries, unplanned. We toured the red light district, saw a peep show then decided to wind down at a nearby coffee shop.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_4 FullSizeRender_3

I’m here until Monday, traveling for 3 weeks in total. Not entirely sure where I’ll go next. Denmark perhaps?

Kevin McGahern’s America

I spent the day filming with 4 Irish men for an upcoming doco-series entitled “Kevin McGahern’s America.”


These guys are currently traveling around the US for the next 30 days, filming the lives of interesting subjects. Naturally I was among them. Other subjects include nazis, juggalos and gun-toting republicans. America! Yeah!!


They got to hang out all day, ask me questions, interrogate my editor, watch my videos, feed my chickens and pet my cats. What a lucky bunch of lads.


Since I’m such an attention whore and have all the money I could ever asked for, all it cost them was a bottle of wine and a little weed.

It comes out sometime early October on RTE2, Ireland’s national broadcaster.

Stay tuned, you pasty white guinness drinking fucks.

My new podcast

So, I’ve jumped on the band wagon. I have a podcast.

It’s in its experimental phase. There’s no name for it yet. But the premise is pretty simple: I get to know my clients both as submissives (via session) and as people (via interview.)

The first episode is with Akbar; an Attorney by day, hypno slave by night. Check it out:


Follow me: https://soundcloud.com/cearalynch

If you’re interested in being a part of a future episode email me: contact@cearalynch.com

Kickstarter target met!

In just two weeks we have met our kickstarter target of $25,000 AUS. Fuck YES!

You all should be very proud of yourself. Well, everyone who donated really. The rest of you can fuck off forever.

So, what does a girl like me do when she gets all the money she’s asked for? Yup. That’s right, she asks for MORE.

There’s still several days left to the campaign. We now have a new stretch goal of $38,000 to be met by July 1st.

So if you haven’t already, pledge now. Or if you have pledged, make it bigger.

Feed my greed. Support my fame. If this bimbo can do it, so can you.



Kickstarter Update


We are 1/4 of the into our campaign and well over half way towards our goal of $25,000 AUS. As I write this, 111 backers have pledged $15,454 AUS. Keep this up, and we’ll easily double our goal.

Some noteworthy pledgers include:

@cearasFRbitch – $100
@cearajunky – $250
@soleshine13 – $450
@praystoceara – $500
@fluffurnut – $500
@yourmandygirl $750
@hypnofairy – $3000

Have you pledged yet? Why the fuck not?

You can pledge as low as $15 and keep it anonymous. No excuse.



Ruin Me Kickstarter

I haven’t spoken much about this publicly yet, I suppose now is the time to let you all in.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working closely with Australian film maker Julian Shaw on a film about my life and work. It’s been an exciting project that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching come to fruition. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A mind fuck of a thriller that defies any genre. Just like me.

Much of is has been shot and much of it has been privately funded (including a sponsorship from clips4sale) But there’s still some funds left that needs to be raised. That’s where you come in: I’m calling upon all you slaves, worshippers, wankers, lurkers, admirers, haters, pay pigs, and plain ole degenerates fucks to gather what money you have and pledge to our kickstarter. Lets make this possible.

I know nothing gives you a greater satisfaction then to use your hard earned dollars to watch me rise to the top. So, you’re welcome.


Media media media


Full Article Here

Last week I was featured on my local news cast. A news reporter emailed me after reading my article in the Portland Monthly and thought it was a great story. I’m still scratching my head wondering why they thought this was an appropriate story to air multiple times on prime time news, but I think it’s hilarious. Their facebook thread blew up with people absolutely disgusted they would run this story and I think that’s great.

Shortly after the story ran someone on twitter notified me that an article came out about me in Israel, an hour later someone told me another one came out in India, then in the UK, then Mexico, then Taiwan and France. They all look like the same article more or less, just translated into different languages. My instagram has been blowing up with 6k new followers in just 3 days.

Its been an interesting experience. With all the international traveling I’ve been doing the past couple years, several people I met only briefly around the world have been finding these articles and reaching out to me. It’s been a good week. I’m doing a radio interview with Fubar later this afternoon, a few podcasts next month and possibly some documentary filming with a TV network in Ireland. Bring it on.


I’ll be traveling around in Berlin April 30th – May 10th.

I don’t do private sessions, but I might be willing to meet up with those interested in:

  1. Cash point meets
  2. Filming public ball busting and/or foot worship

If this sounds cool to you (and it should) send me an introductory email to: contact@cearalynch.com


Stupid Moron rambles on…

My financial slave, “Stupid Moron,” called me just as I was going to bed. I knew I’d be up for a while longer. Giving me money over the phone gives him immense joy even if I’m mostly ignoring him and double my rates. Zero fucks given. I was dead tired. This was the last ten minutes of our 2 hour conversation. It would have just went on had my will to sleep not taken over my wavering desire to make even more money. Such is the life of a financial domme.