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Miss Jasmine

Sexy times with Miss Jasmine (http://www.eurasionpersuasion.com.) We went out last night to Portland's most famous and trashiest strip club for some drinks and c-sections sporting strippers. Gotta love tuesday night at the titty bar! All the guys there were far more enthralled by us sultry vixens bundled in our heavy winter clothing than any of the numerous bare pussies dancing in their face. Who can blame them? Stripper johns are just financial slaves in training.

This afternoon I went by her hotel to shoot some clips, including yet another lip locking lezzie clip paid for by some sad man who was charged over 6x the normal rate for custom clips. CHA-CHING. Any other dommes out there wanna go gay for pay with me? I have minimal cold sores this time of year.

In other news, the "winner" of my fishnet bodysuit auction was so pathetic and unworthy he actually paid to have it relisted. Yes, you heard right my putrid pets, his inadequacy is your gain. Time for round two:


That said, here's a fantastic request that found its way to my inbox this morning. Why can't the rest of you half-wits be this creative?

"Princess Ceara,

Please price me the following fine dining meal request: Princess Pissghetti; A dish to rival any made by the finest chefs.

Spaghetti boiled in princess lemonade tossed in a sinus sauce and topped with grated foot dust and freshly dropped princess plug. Served with Ceara bread. Such a delicious meal should make you the next food network star.

Recipe: In a black dress disperse princess lemonade on camera into a pot under your dress then bring contents to a boil. Add spaghetti and stir until all liquid is absorbed. Perform sinus cleansing and disperse waste into the pot with pissghetti then stir. Add fresh foot dust removed with pet egg on camera. Sell how delicious my special meal will be and how much more valuable it is then any meal made by top chefs. As a final touch again place pot under dress and remove princess plug dropping it in with any extra bonus princess juices into the pissghetti. Dump entire meal into a gallon sealed bag. For Ceara bread, on camera chew the bread until liquified then let it drop on top of pissghetti, add dirty crusty princess cotton panty napkin, seal and ship with DVD to hotel address to be sent later.

Discretion will be appreciated


Fishnet body suit auction

One of my most loyal ebanned sluts got so excited to see me posting auctions again that he splurged on my wishlist then begged me to post my used fishnets. Hell, why not? I'll even take it one step further and auction off my fishnet bodysuit. Now that he's all worked up and practically spooging his pants in anticipation, I really want to see someone else win this one. His misery is my joy. Click on the link below to bid and see more of these devestating photos. 


My life rules

This is what you missed on cam yesterday:


Devastating, isn’t it? It’s been a rush milking you losers on niteflirt lately. Thomas of course called again. It was a much shorter call than usual for him – only 40 minutes (at $5/min.) Apparently I really squeezed him dry the day before and he only had so much in him. No matter, that loser is so addicted its not even funny.

I love it how the more active I am as a humiliatrix, the more drive-by tributes and absurd emails I receive. Here’s one of my favorites from yesterday, I think this was meant to say "dear penthouse" rather than "Dear Ceara."


Riiiight…. moving on, this crack head has been sending me random tributes accompanied by emails like this:

Hahaha I like this guy. Nothing like a complete downward spiral to get your cock off. DEEPER BITCH. DEEPER! I just might reply to your emails one of these days.

Here’s another happy driveby from yesterday. Gotta love that message;


Anyway. I posted a new panty auction on ebanned for my satin pink thong. You know you want to get your grubby little hands on it, so what are you waiting for?



 Summer has just been rushing by lately and I feel like I’ve been juggling about 20 different projects once; the new team tease website, revamping my website, scheduling models for fetishcon, filming clips, editing clips, posting auctions, house hunting, marathon training, kicking ass, taking names, etc.

Thank god school is out and I can focus on those things that matter most to me; exploiting dumb men for profit. Who knew I had some time to fill out this dumb blog? 

Speaking of auctions, I posted a new one a couple days ago selling my worn pantyhose (as seen in my clip "Nude pantyhose.") It seems I have some regular bottom dwelling perverts obsessed with winning my goods lately. My last 4-5 auctions have been won by the same two people; Amir and H.S.. I hope one of them winds up on the news some day when a woman reports her neighbor to the police for sneaking into her house and digging through her underwear drawer; they’d raid his house and find an repugnant stash of Lynch-wear followed by pungent odor that smells of death. 

But hey, why should they have all the fun? I know you have money to burn; BID HERE.

And since so many of you keep asking; no, I will NOT be at the Portland foot night this month. Personally I’d rather vomit out my ears than have anonymous internet weirdos slobbering at my feet. But hey, my girl Monique (who is generally less disgusted by you guys than I am) will be there with her 10 little piggies to gutter-fuck your wallet to the ground, along with latin-sensation Jasmin from team tease, and Im sure an abundance of tatted-up Portland locals. That said, here’s a little taste at what you wish was there:


buy my panties

 Miss me? I’m still around, dipshits, you just have to know where to find me. I’ve been showing ebanned lots of love lately, you panty perverts have been having a field day. Im currently auctioning this teeny tiny satin thong:

Never under estimate the power of a Lynch auction. My last panty sold for nearly $400 – and that was with only a little twitter promotion. Not even WR took notice and that little bitch is up my ass 24/7 to promote whatever I might devour, digest and shit back out to the world.

Thats right, fuckwads, bid and bid high if you want to win this one. Or for your sissy lady-wannabe’s, here’s a little sneak peak at what I have coming up for bid. If you want to be the first to snatch this pink thong up before it gets auctioned, contact me with $250 in hand.

Sneaker auction

My first auction in a long-ass while. It’s about time I sell these puppies. I think one of you dimwits bought these for me, like, 4 years ago? Damn. They are really old. And I can’t tell you how many times a week I get foot boys begging and pleading to buy my work out shoes. So here’s your chance. Don’t say I never gave you nothing. Winner gets these well worn shoes plus the full version of this video.