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The Price of Forgiveness.

A couple nights ago I was woken up at 6am by a man barging into my house. It startled me for a minute until I realized who it was.

“I’m here to do my job.” He joked “Normally I hate my job, but I’m actually excited to come into work today.”

He then stripped off his clothes, jumped into my bed and we fucked.

I had requested he come over the night before, after my long-term sub, Ismail, paid $500 yet again for a used condom and he needed it shipped to Africa as soon as possible because he’d be leaving for India next week.

“You realize your DNA is going to be dumped on some holy book in Zambia and then licked off by a devout religious married man with 2 kids?” I asked him post coitus.

“Yeah, wow, that’s really crazy. What if someone found the book and traced it back to me? What would they think?”

“Well, whatever they think, the truth is far more insane.”


Ismail came crawling back after throwing a little tantrum a couple weeks ago. He got upset when I wasn’t available to watch him eat the contents of another condom I sent to him over webcam when he wanted to. So, I shrugged him off, as I have so many times before, knowing it’d be a matter of days before he’d be unloading his wallet (and dignity) onto me again. He’s been sending me heaps of money for years, but his life is split in two polarizing directions; extreme fetish and extreme religion. So, it’s no surprise that he’s either promising complete devotion forever or swearing me off completely. This was not our first rodeo.


So for the umpteenth time, he asked if we could have a “new beginning.”

I’m reasonable woman. I agreed to take him back…with a couple requirements. 1. that he send me $1000 via western union and 2. he write me a thoughtful letter explaining how he fucked up and what he intends to do differently this time.

I have zero faith in the contents of the letter but money often overrules whatever bullshit a sub tries to feed me.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 9.34.36 AM

So Ismail requested another condom after he won my recent thong auction on ebanned. He’s kinda stupid, not too tech savvy and ended up outbidding himself several times over thinking he was bidding against another person, bringing the auction to an ending price of $550.


Side note: god damn my ass looks great here.

Anyway, I told him to make it $1000 and I’d throw the condom in there as well.



There you have it. The cost of a dirty thong, used condom, and forgiveness. Quite a bargain if you ask me.

Sick Fuck

This last Summer I received one of the most deprave and detailed custom video request of my career. I was traveling Australia at the time and had just met an attractive man who took my fancy. We were in that fresh, get-to-know-you stage in our short-lived relationship and he was just starting to grasp a vague understanding of what I “do” for a living. Sharing this request with him was maybe throwing him into the deep in of the pool too soon. I don’t know. My perception of what’s “normal” or “appropriate” has been somewhat tarnished over the years. All I know is I thought it was too good to keep to myself at the time. I remember rolling around in his bed, sides splitting, trying to read the request out loud to him but barely getting a few sentences out before bursting out in manic, uncontrollable laughter. My eyes welled in hysterics as this poor, sweet man stared at me blankly, not knowing what to make of it. (or me, for that matter.)

It took me several months to complete this request, because I knew it would be a fucking masterpiece. It combines hypnosis, mind fucking, toilet slavery, financial domination, & wife domination into one demoralized concoction. You can really see the Lynch-style inspiration coming through. Daddy David would be proud.

I just released it today. Here’s a sample:

Buy the full clip here:


This was the request:

Hi Princes.

I’m into financial domination, hypnosis and toilet slavery, so you’re kind of the ultimate domme for me as you do all three so well.

So I’d love it if you could do a custom clip along these lines:

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A wish for more wishes

I received this email a few days ago.


I don’t do real time sessions so it wasn’t an offer I cared to pursue, but that part about “clearing out my wish list” got my attention. I checked right after and found that indeed every item listed was now in the “purchased” list. I was still very suspect since Amazon makes it very easy to cancel orders and I assumed I’d see my list back to normal once I told these women (?) I wasn’t interested. But low and behold! The items started coming coming in:


My list was empty. EMPTY I TELL YOU.

Phillips hue lighting $199, Giueppe Zanotti shoes total $1400, Nest thermometer $199, Gopro $399, Giftcards $450, Inflatable movie screen $170 plus over $100 in smaller items. Total: $2970

Poor Mr. F, my faithful wishlist slave, noticed immediately. He checks my list everyday to see what new item or two he can buy up for me. He recently bought me a $200 UE wireless speaker, a $150 fitbit, along with several cheaper items. Then, one day, he had nothing to buy me. I felt just terrible. This poor old man wandering aimlessly in this world with no purpose. I couldnt just abandon him like that. So, being the gracious person that I am I took time out of my busy schedule to think of more things he could buy me, including a new $225 smoker $900 macbook air, and countless smaller items. Total: $1805.

Meanwhile, @penisnongrata made a minor mistake with me recently and he’s been enjoying making up for it ever since. He sent a $500 tribute via clips4sale than began buying up whatever new items popped up on my list before Mr. F could, including a $550 camera, $90 hedge trimmer, $190 Amazon Echo andover $200 worth of new luxury bed sheets. Total: $1030


Look at this stuff


Isn’t it neat?


Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?



Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl…..


The girl who has…..everything?


Look at this trove, treasures untold


How many wonders can one cavern hold?


Looking around here you think: sure….she’s got everything…


I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty

I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore


You want thingamabobs? I’ve got twenty!


But who cares?
No big deal




Fun with Condoms

I swear sometimes I think my garbage is more cultured and traveled than I am. Just last week I shipped my old $400 sneakers to @gubinik10 in Croatia. Not long after I shipped a $500 used condom to Ismail in Zambia.



Ismail has been spending in the 4 figures this month. Not unusual for him. I was a little worried about shipping this condom to Africa but I just heard from him last night and it seems it got to his perverted little hands just fine. Were going to wait until I can get him on cam to decide what he’ll do with it. Dump it directly in his mouth? Face? Maybe on his holy book so he can then lick it off? Oh the possibilities!

Good boy Tommy

The winner of my recent yoga pants auction was my long-time sub, Tommy. The auction ended at $462 but he rounded up to $500… like a good bitch does.

If there were ever a song written for Tommy, it’d be “Constant Craving.” This guy just can’t get enough of me. Every moment he is pining for me, but he’s not needy. He only contacts me when his wallet is open and money is ready to be handed over to me effortlessly.

I spent some time this afternoon on a walk in one of my favorite parks. The weather was beautiful and Tommy had been sending me $100 tributes throughout the day. Just because. I took pause in my walk for a moment and snuck a shot of my panties to send to him. Poof! I’m $300 richer.







Last night one of my regular cam subs, Smitty, contacted me to buy a cam session. Normally our sessions consist of tease and denial combined with heavy threats of public exposure and blackmail. There’s never any real life any follow through because as much as it turns him on, the thought of his face popping up on my twitter feed terrifies him to the core. Lately he’s wanted to play around with chastity.

Ah, the opposing desires of sexuality.

Chastity isn’t something I generally practice. I’ll talk about it in my videos or cam sessions, but the act generally lends itself better to real life sessions (which I don’t do.) A sub may have the best (e.g. horniest) of intentions when he says he wants to lock his dick up and mail me the key, but all that ambition is inevitably lost in one sticky squirt long before he’s even made a single step towards the post office.

Smitty, however, came prepared: with a cock cage and a luggage lock with a self-setting combo code. The game was simple, pay me $100 to jump on skype for 10 minutes, watch him randomly select the code close to the cam with his eyes closed (so I could see the it but he couldn’t) then lock himself up.

smitty1 smitty2

Smitty is a total wuss… And I’m saying this relative to all the other wimpy subs I talk to on a daily basis. Within 3 minutes he’s panicking, telling me this was a bad idea and begging me for the code.

“Oh god! Please! This was a big mistake. I’m SO sorry Goddess Ceara.”

Sorry for what? I wonder…

Instead, I gave him a list of clips to buy and watch on loop while I went outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day for a few hours. He obliged.

When I came back home I found a list of whiney offline messages telling me how badly he was “suffering.” He really sounded desperate. So being the gracious person that I am, I allowed him to pay me $200 to talk about it on skype. He proceeded to spend that time pleading for the code as I laughed manically at him and teased him silly with peaks up my skirt.

How absurd that a guy with a chastity fetish can’t last a few hours locked up. Am I really to believe he was suffering? As some genius on twitter pointed out, he could just “cut the lock out with bolt cutters.”…Right…. Or he could have, you know, not pay to get locked up in the first place.

Regardless, I’m a reasonable woman, so I gave him a few options to earn the code. 1. He could send $500 right now 2. He could allow for his picture to be posted on my twitter feed. 3. He could wait until I get back later that night after dinner to discuss it further.

All of those options sounded terrible to Smitty, but apparently the least terrible was option #1. Unfortunately that meant he had to call his credit card company to raise his limit and they put him on a long hold. Meanwhile I had to get ready to go out to dinner in 10 min.

Too bad for Smitty, after all that trouble, I wasn’t even around to help him enjoy his release to the fullest. He was out $800 for the day and I spent a total of 30 minutes with him.

10 Steps to Becoming a Humiliatrix

Over the years I have received emails from women asking my advice on how to make money in the online fetish world. If they’re someone I know personally, I might direct them to websites like niteflirt or clips4sale and let them figure it out from there. If they’re a stranger and I’m feeling snarky, I’ll link them to that Forbes article entitled, “No You Can’t Pick My Brain, It Costs Too Much.”

I used to avoid giving advice at all costs because I viewed it as creating competition for myself. Now that I make loads of money, I don’t really give a shit. I’ve received more emails requesting advice than usual, so I decided to write a 10-step guide on how to get started. I hope some of you find this helpful.

1. Know what you’re getting yourself into.
It’s likely this isn’t as easy as you think. You can’t just jump into with little effort and make a ton of money. Many try, many fail, some do okay, very few really succeed. Yes, I can sell a pair of panties for $500, or berate a man on skype for $10/min, and sometimes men just give me money for no reason at all. But I didn’t just pluck my customers out of thin air. it took me 10+ years of building my name, making a website, keeping up with social media, creating thousands of videos, taking ungodly amounts of pictures, and so on. It’s time consuming and often tedious work. Sure, there are degrees of effort you can put into it. If you don’t have the means to do more than set up some phone lines and take calls on the weekends, that’s fine. Just know that you wont make a living this way, you’ll just be supplementing your income at best. To turn this work into a full time, 6-figure earning job, you’ll need to do a lot more and wear many hats. You’ll need to be a producer, videographer, editor, director, performer, writer, make up artist, photographer, & marketer. The idea is not that you have to be a real expert on any one of these things (I’m certainly not) but you’ll need to have a certain level of understanding for all if you want to work for yourself. I taught myself. You probably could too.

Further more, if you have hesitations about certain people in your life finding out you’re doing this kind of work; seriously consider whether or not you’re prepared to deal with that. You must come into this assuming everyone you know will find out: because they will.

2. Learn from others, but don’t copy. Just before I got started working as an internet dominatrix there were 3 women whose websites and blogs I’d read every inch of: Princess Lyne, Princess Addiction and Princess Sierra. I learned a lot from these women, so that by the time I set up my own website, I had a pretty decent foundation of knowledge to start from. The tricky part about this is that you must be careful not to blatantly copy others. If you want to stand out from the pack and not make enemies with well-established women in the industry you need to find your own voice. No, you don’t need to revolutionize the industry and invent new fetishes men didn’t even know they had, but you need to add your own spin to it. It’s a fine line, and there will always be overlap, but if you’re a unique individual with your own personality, it shouldn’t be too carve your own niche. Think of it like a hip-hop artist sampling music to make their own track. You want to be like the Beastie Boys, not Vanilla Ice.

3. Invest in good lighting and a decent camera. Men are visual and they are going to want to see you clearly. If you shoot a video using a canon powershot camera that’s 5 years old, using a table lamp to light yourself, your videos are going to look like shit and customers are more likely to buy videos that don’t. That said, I totally started out that way. If that’s all you have and can afford right now, work with it. But you’ll eventually want to step it up and get some decent equipment. For lighting, I use two Cowboy Studio soft boxes ($150 on amazon) and I shoot with a Canon XA10 ($1500.)

4. Talk to your audience. This should be obvious. If you want to know what your clients want: talk to them. Luckily this is super easy and you can (and should) get paid to do it. Setting up your own phone lines is a great way to start off. Men LOVE telling strange women of no consequence what gets their dick hard. If you’re new to this world, all the different fetishes probably seem so abundant and overwhelming. How could you possibly make sense of them all? Luckily I can assure you after you’ve talked to these men for a while, you’ll find a lot of patterns you’ll easily memorize. For instance, if a guy tells me he’s a “sissy,” I can reasonably assume he likes to dress up in women’s clothes, has fantasies about sucking cock, likes to be called a “slut” and a “whore,” has a small dick, wants to be pimped out, humiliated and exposed. A good femdom learns these various templates and implements them to such a degree that the sub feels like she’s “reading his mind” when really she’s just talked to a thousand other guys just like him.

Of course no one guy is “just” like another, they all have their own idiosyncrasies and specific fantasies that’ll keep things interesting. Which is great if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for new videos. Just turn on your phone lines and let the perverts inspire you.

5. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Like I said before, it’s up to you how much effort you want or can put into this, but assuming you want to make as much money as possible you’ll need to shoot videos, take phone calls, perform on cam, and sell used items, as well as doing things that will earn you money indirectly such as blogging, tweeting, posting in forums, etc.

Think of it was a big machine that needs all its parts working to function at its best. If you work all of these avenues, they will feed off of each other. Someone will buy a video and want to talk to you know the phone, or they’ll read your blog and want to buy your panties, or they’ll see a picture of you on twitter and want a cam show. You get the idea.

Another good reason to create multiple revenue streams is that you never know when you can’t use one of them anymore. A few years back Niteflirt shut down for several months because they were redoing the entire website. Even after they relaunched, everything was a mess with glitches and technical issues that took a long time to iron out. Thousands of “flirts” were undoubtedly scrambling as it was their biggest (if not only) source of income. As frustrating as it was for me, I was still paying my bills no problem.

Websites I use to sell content and services:,,, &

6. Produce, produce, produce. My friend Rene gave great advice one time to a newbie femdom who asked her how to make good money, she said, “Post a clip everyday.” Make no mistake about it: this is work. If you want to make money and get better, you have to constantly be producing and actively working.

Maybe what drew you to this type of work was the concept of “financial domination,” that there are men who will give you money, expecting nothing in return. Too good to be true? Sort of. Yes, there are men who give money to women simply because it turns them on. But it’s not the norm. When it comes to financial domination there’s a lot of supply for very little demand. Anyone can tweet a picture of themselves flipping the bird and say, “fuck you, pay me.” But it’s the women who are consistently shooting clips, tweeting pictures, blogging, taking calls, doing cam shows, and maintaining relationships with clients they’d otherwise have no interest in talking to who are getting this “free” money. Don’t assume you can get rich just by soliciting “pay pigs” online. This kind of bonus money comes indirectly to those who keep their machine running.

7. Get an accountant. Taxes are confusing. You don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t want to get audited. Bite the bullet and pay someone to do it for you. A good accountant is likely worth double whatever they charge you.

8. Know you’ll get burned. This business is full of cheaters and time wasters. It’s just part of the territory. You may be chatting with a guy, thinking you’re warming him up and coaxing him into sending you a tribute, but really he’s just jerking off to what little free interaction he can get while looking at your pictures on twitter, then he signs off abruptly after he comes. Or, even worse, you think you found a high roller sub who’s spending a pretty penny on your wishlist. It’s so easy and effortless. You turn on your cam and he buys more and more. It’s a rush. You spend an hour with him and he’s cleaned the entire thing out, then eventually cums and signs out. You’re stoked. This is what you’ve seen all the other financial dommes brag about. Then, 15 minutes later, you check your wishlist again and find all the items have returned back to “unpurchased.” It’s a lesson most newbie dommes learn the hard way: it’s incredibly easy to return amazon purchases. Never accept them as a form of payment until they’ve arrived in your hand.

It can be very discouraging. Especially when it seems like all the other women in the industry who are doing well never experience this. I can assure we do, in troves, we just don’t talk about it. It’s nothing new. When someone wastes are time, we don’t let them waste it further by ranting about it, nor are we going to tarnish our image by having a blog or twitter account that’s mostly compiled of complaints about guys wasting our time, as oppose to bragging about the ones who spend.

Think of it as just another part of your job: you have to weed through a lot of guys who have no intentions of paying you anything to get to the ones that do.

Don’t forget: these are guys who get off on humiliation. If a guy is being a dick to you and you find yourself wanting to lash out at him, you’re likely giving him exactly what he wants. Don’t let him bait you.

9. Go to conventions. It can be tricky to network with peers in the industry unless you meet them in person. We are all technically in competition with each other, after all. That’s why conventions like AEE and Fetishcon are great to go to. You’ll learn a lot from other women in the industry by trading content with them and swapping tips. Every time I go I learn something new that makes my business run better and more efficiently (usually by talking to Domina Snow.) Further more, if you’re serious about this kind of work and are in it for the long haul, friendships within the industry are vital to your sanity. This is a very strange and unique line of work. While it’s fun to wow people with normal jobs by talking about this world they’ve never heard of, if you don’t have people in your life who can relate to you it can become incredibly isolating and lonely.

10. Consider other options. Are you the type of person who can sit in front of a computer alone all day? Because this work involves a lot of just that. Luckily I am that type of person, but you may not be. Maybe you thrive off lots of socialization, meeting new people, and jumping into new experiences, like my friend (& fetish vixen) Shauna Ryanne. Shauna is very extraverted, she travels around for most of the year doing real time sessions and shooting content for other companies. We deal with similar people and fetishes, but in different ways. She doesn’t deal much with the same tech, editing, writing and marketing that I do. She mostly shows up for the job, performs, then gets a check (and still sets her own boundaries doing so.)

While I think going about it that route can be fun here and there, if it were my entire job, I’d burn out really quickly. I work better solo. Similarly, there are people who would sooner blow their brains out before they’d sit around editing videos all day. If you want to make money in the adult/fetish world, there are lots of ways to do it. Think about how you thrive best and pursue what works best for you.

Bonus step If you’re a guy, don’t bother. There’s no money in it for you.

Benny the Sock Boy

Benny bought a 10-minute cam show on Skype last night. He’s pretty easy to please: likes looking at my socks and having me describe how dirty they are.

He sat in his empty room, naked, camera pointed from the chest up. When weren’t talking he’d stare off like he was deep in thought. Not slack jawed and drooling like most guys I watch masturbate, but rather calm and neutral. I could barely tell he was touching himself. When he came he made no noise. Didn’t shudder, didn’t blink.

He spoke in a slow, dopey voice, which at first made me think he wasn’t too bright. But then he would go off on an some random tangent that made me think he actually has a unique depth.

There’s something a little off about him, but I like him. I think he might have aspergers. I wish he’d buy cam more often because I find him so unintentionally funny and interesting.

Photo 399

Me: You look like you’re in a trance.

Him: I’ve been meditating lately and it helps my orgasms

Me: Oh yeah? How does it help them?

Him: I don’t know it just puts me in a more relaxed state and helps my parasympathetic nervous system take over. The parasympathetic nervous system is involved in orgasms and sexual behavior.

Me: So do they last longer? Feel better?

Him: They feel better. More intense… I was watching a lot of videos related to quantum physics and unified field theory, which is described in string theory. And um, they also say that you can access the unified field, which is the basis of what, um…. subtonic particles arise from. Through meditation.

Me: Oh yeah?

Him: Supposedly. I think it’s a leap of faith, honestly, because science could never prove that. But I just go with that supposition and mediate with the intention of accessing the unified field theory of creativity and consciousness.

Me: And then you blow an awesome load?

Him: And then when I’m done I go jerk off.

Me: That’s cool. You’re like a wanking guru.

Him: I’m desensitized from so much jerking off.

Me: How often do you jerk off?

Him: Like 3 times a day at least

Me: Yeah that’s pretty excessive. Do you ever take a break?

Him: Yeah and when I do I always have really intense orgasms and blow huge loads. But I can’t take a break. That’s; the problem. Its part of my daily rhythm. Eat, sleep, masturbate, study, work… I don’t really try to pick up women for the real thing that often. I used to. I’d score occasionally. I just don’t really give a fuck anymore, about like, having a real relationship or anything. Im just…. content with myself.

Me: Well, that’s what’s most important. That, and being my little sock bitch.

Him: Yeah, I like being your little sock bitch too!

[I smile and wiggle my toes]

Him: I did come already I hope that’s cool.

Me: That’s fine. I didn’t even notice. You’re quiet.

Him: Yeah I’m really quiet.

Me: What are you going to do now?

Him: Hump my pillow and go to sleep.

Me: You have fun with that.

Him: Thanks.

Photo 405

All in a days work…

I returned from my trip to Australia a few days ago. Adjusting back to my “normal” life and trying to shake the post-travel blues. I decided the best way to do that would be to jump back into work and try to make up for the past several weeks of indulgence, so I spent a day taking calls and camming (skype username: ceara.lynch) Turned out to be a great 4-figure day.

I wrote down some notes about each call. Here’s what it looked like:

  1. Had breakfast this morning with Mistress T and her boyfriend, then they left for a hippie music festival. Great visiting with them. Her boyfriend is a tantric sex specialist and gives “yoni massages.” T said he made her squirt for the first time and I was very intrigued. She told me if I want him to try it on me that she’d be cool with that. Tempting… I turned my lines of after they left and got a call from blacksissy. His real name was Oscar and he wanted to talk about the fact(?) that his girlfriend, Nicky, cheated on him with a guy named Will while they were both away on vacation. He wanted me to help him “accept it” so I made say things like “Natalie fucked Walter,” “Walter has a bigger dick that me” and “I want to suck Walter’s dick.” He mostly talked in a normal, sad voice but every time I said something he really liked he’d say “oh my god” in a whispery breath. When he finally came he said, “You’re amazing” and hung up. Call lasted 15 minutes.
  1. Subpedro called me soon after. One of those obnoxious calls from a guy who says he “just wants to make me happy” and “giving me money is what’s most important,” yet I’ve never received a tribute from him ever. I told him if what he said were true, then he should just give me his money rather than taking up my time calling. He agreed (because he’s too submissive not to) but when I asked him why he doesn’t do that he just said, “I don’t know.” He then said something about buying my clips and I tried to explain to him the difference between buying things from me and giving me money because it makes me happy. He said “okay,” but did nothing to correct his actions or words.  I don’t know why this is such a big pet peeve of mine, I just wish guys would be honest when they want something in return for their money. I love my job, but I hate pretending its always some one sided relationship where their money is handed over to me for nothing, as though the time and effort I put into my videos and services is meaningless. Call lasted 6 minutes.



  1. Made a turkey sandwich with vegemite I brought over from OZ and logged onto skype. Haven’t been on in weeks. Tons of messages and add requests. Lots of customers asking about cam sessions but little follow through except for one guy who bought 5 minutes for $50. He didn’t want to talk because he was too shy. Just wanted me to show off my “dirty” feet, call him a loser and talk about eating my shit. He came in 4 min and 12 seconds.
  1. Jon paid $100 for 10 minutes of cam asking for, “Repeat after me humiliation, enslavement, paypig, manipulation and addiction.” He turned on his cam and I recognized him from a previous cam session. He must have changed his user name because our previous conversation on messenger did not appear. Im guessing he deleted it thinking he’d “never do this again.” I always find it a little awkward looking at a real person’s face when I do this and his was close up. I try to block it with the image of my cam and just focus on how I look. It’s so much harder to dehumanize someone when you see their facial expressions. This guy always looks so sad and uncomfortable and if I didn’t know any better I’d think he really didn’t like the treatment I give him. I would be terrible doing real time sessions for this reason. I tuned out his face and talked about how addicted he is to me and feigned unbreakable confidence. He came  in 6min 43 seconds.
  1. Some guy named Ron started bugging me on skype about a custom video even after I told him to email it to me. I got annoyed so he offered to pay me for wasting my time. Cool! He paid $100. He later expressed interest in watching me ignore him for 5 min on cam so I had him send $50 more. As I was ignoring him, sissychrissy called and wanted to talk about being a sissy, cuckold and his “curiosity” about blackmail. I told him I wanted to dress him up like a whore and sell his ass to the men with the biggest cocks who messaged me on craigslist, then take lots of photos and own him forever. Call lasted 13 minutes. Rana sent $100 for 10 more ignoring minutes. He sent wrote messages that said,

“I feel humiliated by being here among my friends, and secretly doing this.
Men are meant to be ignored, and destructed.
Would you destruct me, as far as you may wish.
At that day, I drunk my piss as instructed in the video.
I wish I can be your fandom puppet.”

He asked me if I had any instructions for him so I told him to send another $100. He did. He asked for further instructions so I told him to send another $100. He stopped talking after that.


  1. Dutchfoot boy contacted me for the first time since our session when I was in Australia. He wanted to get drunk and lick my sneakers again. He said he didn’t have much money but he managed to send $150. I sat on the couch with my feet propped up in my dirty runners while he waggled his tongue at the camera and took shots of gin. Easy money. I just sat back and played on my phone, pausing every once in a while to call him a loser or tell him to take another shot. He drank quite a bit in those 15 minutes. Asked if I had any converse shoes. I said I did and he paid another $100 to see them. Meanwhile a guy named Steve called my ignore line. Double pay! He listened in as dutchfootboy drank more gin, lapped and my converse  and stuck clothes pins all over his face. I took some pictures.
  1. Unfortunately my phone died in the middle of the ignore call. Lasted 7 min. Steve messaged me to ask if he could call back, I told him to call back in 5 min. He sent another email asking if he could buy pictures of my ass, so I sent him a ppv email with 5 old webcam shots of my ass and charged him $50. He bought them and thanked me.
  1. Bo paid $200 for 20 minutes of cam. He’s commissioned around 60 custom videos from me but this would be our first cam show. He wanted to tell me about his sexuality so I could give him my “honest opinion.” I’m never sure when guys ask me to be honest if they really want honesty or if they want me to say something mean in an honest sounding way. I decided to go with the former. He told me about his reoccurring fantasies involving cuckolding, black men, his sisters, etc. He talked about how the best sex he ever had was when he dressed up as a woman and got fucked by a man. He’s not really interested in fucking women, just being cuckolded by them, blah blah. I told him I didn’t have much of an opinion because I talk to guys like him all the time and I’m pretty used to it. I know it’s not normal relative to the general population, but it’s normal to me as a fetish girl. He seemed okay with my response. Then asked me more casual questions about my recent trip, how he used to write songs and his job as an investment banker.


  1. Dutchfoot boy scraped together $90 to send to me. He’s wasted at this point. Same ole routine. Lick my feet, stick clothes pins on his face, drink. He’s going to have a headache in the morning.
  1. Went into my bed to masturbate and take a nap. I feel like I’ve done nothing productive today, even though I’ve made over $1000. I still need to work out, but I feel jet lagged and out of sorts. Got a call from bballplaya23. He was the same guy who I was on the phone with in my HBO special where I was shopping at Macy’s at the same time. For some reason he’s a lot more boring of a person than I remember him when I was being recorded. Perhaps because I was better at talking to him while the cameras were on me. He said his wife was away and he had her panties and lingerie there to try on and jerk off in. He wasn’t into forced bi and it was like pulling teeth to get him to talk. He finally asked if he could cum and I told him he needed to beg me. He could only say, “please,” which, to me, is not begging, rather asking politely. I told him again to beg and he said he didn’t know how so I told him he couldn’t cum. I thought that would motivated him to try harder but he just stayed silent and eventually hung up. Call lasted 12 minutes.
  1. Woke up an hour later and turned my lines back on. Immediately received an ignore call from greatest112233. Said nothing to him, not even my usual, “Hello idiot, you know you called my ignore line, right?”  Call lasted 10 minutes.


  1. Hendrix aka my french loser called me. Normally he calls my ignore line for about an hour, which is great, but this time he wanted to talk. It’s insanely frustrating to talk to him because his english is terrible. He said he wanted to apologize for not wishing me a happy birthday. I told him he should send me $100 to make up for it. He agreed. Then he asked if I’d give him a task. I’m pretty burnt out at this point and I hate coming up with “tasks” unless they involve giving me money. So I told him to punch himself in the balls. He laughed. I guess that wasnt the task he was looking for. He kept pressing it. I told him I wasn’t his school teacher. Had to say it about 3x because because he couldn’t understand me. He asked if I’d humiliate him and I told him only if he completed his first two tasks. He said he’d call me back. Call lasted 10 min.
  1. He called back a few minutes later, he sent me the $100. So I started humiliating him, telling him he’s a loser and no woman would ever want to fuck him. My patience wore thin as I kept having to repeat myself and didn’t understand a word he was saying. He asked if he could go, I said “please do.” Call lasted 6 minutes.
  1. I should really take a break because just the phone ringing sets me off in a bad mood. Some might think that’s great for work but it’s just the opposite. Got a call from humburger, he told me he liked my homewrecking clips and last time we talked was when he was on vacation with his wife and I drained his balls so he was uninterested in sex with her anymore. It was hard to feign interest so I didn’t really try. I asked him why he called me and he said his “wifey” (ugh) was away and saw that I was on so he decided to call because I’m “like a rockstar” (ugh.) That didnt really answer my question so I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He hung up. No idea if my bad attitude put him off or if someone walked in the room. It was a relief either way. Call lasted 3 minutes. [Note: he left me a 1 star rating and said I was “lame” so there you go.]